Salman Arif

Penetration tester, Bug bounty and Security expert...

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Shehriar Ahmad

Developer, Cyber Security Analyst and Researcher...

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Muhammad Ibrahim

Social Media Expert, Marketing and Management head of Sprotechs...

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Penetration is Our Passion

We love to Penetrate the Security. We enjoy to Hunt the Bugs.


Skills In Programming

Sprotechs Members has good skills in Programming.


Sprotechs Team is good in Web application penetration.

Game Changer

Sprotechs team mates are game changers.

1 Programming Skills
1 Web App penetration
1 Bug Chopper
1 Fixed


We took many projects about Web app security.


Bug Hunting Project

We are providing Bug Hunting service. If you want to secure your website contact us.

Bug Fixes Project

We are also providing Bug fixes in your code.


Sprotechs Forum

Sprotechs Forum is used for many purpose like SQLi,CTF challenges,Cybersecurity Researchers,Spammers and Much more.

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“Born to break your security.”

Salman Arif

“Point a gun on Victim's head and ask for password.”

Shehriar Ahmad

“n00b Like you.”

Ibrahim shk


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