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5 awesome car games for Android – Racing and simulation
Top 5 awesome car racing and simulation games for Android available in Google PlayStore

Gaming may not be your passion. But we all love playing video games in free time. And why not? Video games are fun to play. I am not a fan of playing games on my phone. In fact, I don’t have any games on my smartphone. Well, this makes me not so cool in front of kids. By the way, for time pass, we all play video games and so do I. I was wandering around on Google PlayStore today. Yeah, I’m android user, poor guy. Please share this article, so I get paid and buy an iPhone. Anyway, jokes apart, I was getting bored; I searched for some car games. Installed a few of them. And found some awesome games. After playing a few rounds, here are some games I loved playing. So here drops a list of 5 awesome racing and simulation car games for Android.

5 Awesome car games for Android

3D driving class

Do you have a friend who learned to drive playing GTA 5? This car simulator game took the idea seriously. 3D driving class is a South Korean driver’s test exercise game. You can practice driving by playing the game. The game provides you with a car driving simulation. You can practice different tests like a functional test and road test. It may not be an ideal game like Dr. Driving, but it’s fun to play.

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Clean Road

Another interesting game, a good way to avoid boredom. Clean Road is a self-explanatory game. All you’ve to do is sweep off the snow with your car/truck. It’s not one of the best games. But if you’re feeling bored, you’ll enjoy this game.

Top Speed: Drag and Fast Racing

Finally, a game that will excite you. If you love playing racing games, this is for you. In Top Speed: Drag and Fast racing, you’ve 69 different cars. Oops, a naughty number though. You can customize your car the way you want. Drive in 5 different cities with unique themes. The game has awesome graphics and mind-blowing gameplay.

Need for Speed No limits

Wait wait… no introduction required. When you talk about racing, you can never ever ignore NFS. I got addicted to Need for Speed – No Limits. Go on extreme rides and play to win the crown. Marvelous graphics and addictive gameplay is a specialty of EA. And NFS No Limits is a perfect example of it.

Rally Fury – Extreme Racing

Extreme racing on the next level by Rally Fury. Another addictive game that allows you to play with friends. Rally Fury – Extreme Racing is an online multiplayer racing game. A good variety of cars and customizations. The game got realistic gameplay, which makes it more exciting. Also, it allows you to store progress on the cloud. It also supports Gamepad and Android TV.