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5 Technologies being replaced by Smartphones

It is a universal fact that old is replaced by new and every new becomes old some day. This also happens when we talk about modern technology and older technology. Every new progress in technology replaces the older one. In this article, we’ll talk about some technologies that we will not see in future. Most of these techs have already started vanishing. And guess what’s the most interesting fact? Majority of these techs will be replaced by our cell phone features. So let’s have a look at these technologies which we’ll miss in future.

  1. Alarm Clock:

The first name in my list is no doubt alarm clock. Remember the irritating morning when the alarm clock starts ringing. It looks like most of us don’t even remember it. If you’re a 90s kid or an early 2000s boy, the alarm clock is definitely a key part of your morning. But now our cell phone comes with a feature of an alarm clock. We don’t need to buy a clock. As a matter of fact, we even don’t need to buy a wall clock or wristwatch. In the upcoming years, these things will totally vanish and the mobile phone will replace them.

2. Landline Phone sets:

This technology is already about to vanish. At the present time, our mobile phone replaces this source of communication to a remarkable extent. In the upcoming years, Landline and wired phones will totally disappear from the screen.

3. Control devices, Locks, and wiring system:

Remote controls are commonly used these days. At least a TV and AC remote control device is found almost everywhere. But soon these things are going to be replaced. Not only remote controls but also car locks and door locks. There will be only one device to perform these tasks more easily and more securely. And its none other than your mobile phone. Future electronics will have wifi like features that would support a wireless connection with your mobile. You must have heard about IoT, The future is going to be full of IoT. Not only this but also wiring systems will be replaced by wireless solutions. A wireless cell phone charger is a good example but its only an initial step. In future, you won’t need any wires or cables for these tasks.

technology revolution
technology revolution

4. Paper, Printed documents, and Fax:

The future completely replaces hard copies with soft copies. For example; Newspapers are partially replaced by the Internet. As the Internet is the fastest source of getting news and you can get a variety of content as compared to newspapers. Fax is almost replaced with email service. Keeping hard copies of record is being replaced with soft copies. Even our school textbooks will be replaced by e-textbooks. You can witness these changes in the present world also. But in the future, paper and hard copies will completely vanish. This revolution has already started. The notable examples are, Online transaction and billing systems, many schools use e-textbooks.

5. Digital Cameras, CD/DVD:

Once again, our smartphone is going to replace another technology. Nowadays, smartphones cameras are giving tough competition to digital cameras. But still, professionals use those professional cameras for photography. In the future, smartphones are going to have such powerful and professional cameras and gadgets that digital cameras will vanish. CD/DVD are already replaced by USB and flashcards.

So that’s the list. Remember always: “Old is replaced by new and every new gets old one day.”