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5 Useful YouTube updates 2019 – For creators and audience
5 updates by YouTube introduced in 2019 equally useful for content creators and normal users

YouTube being the most popular video platform always brings something new for its users. We continuously notice updates in YouTube algorithms. These updates help YouTube provide the best user experience to the community. These updates are not only useful for the normal audience but also for content creators. Latest updates help creators in interacting with the audience. So here we’re going to discuss 5 most useful YouTube updates 2019. These updates are equally helpful to the audience and the creators. Without further ado, let’s get started.

5 most useful YouTube updates 2019

Child Comments disabled

YouTube is a growing platform. It’s famous among people of every age group. But teenagers and children are showing their interest in content creation. Numerous young creators are joining the platform every month. Lots of them are children and underaged guys. But we all notice demotivating and sometimes hate comments on YouTube. These type of comments can leave a really bad impression on these young minds. That’s why YouTube has disabled comments on videos where children are involved.

Community Guideline strike on comments

Next update is also related to comments. In the YouTube comment section, we see different types of comments. Some of them are useful. Many of these comments are motivating. Some also show disagreement. These type of comments are okay. But the problem arises where people start misbehaving. Some comments are really abusive and offensive. So now if your comment doesn’t follow YouTube community guidelines. You’re getting a community guideline strike for sure.

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Image size for community tab

To get the best appearance results, you must need a separate image for community tab also. Now we can’t use our thumbnail or rectangular shape image in the community tab. Because such an image will crop into a square. So if you want to post any image in the community tab, make sure it’s square-shaped.

Save video before deleting

Ever miss any of your deleted YouTube videos? Now YouTube has a solution for it. Whenever you delete your video, you’ll get a prompt message. The message will give you an option to save that video. So you can use that video wherever you want.

YouTube editing tool

Copyright claims are one of the biggest headaches for creators. But now YouTube brings a solution for this. You’ll be notified about the copyrighted part with a timestamp. You can edit that part within YouTube using the YouTube video editor tool. This is my favorite update of 2019.