Top 5 Best Laptops for Hacking, Programming and Gaming

You must have seen many experienced programmers, gamers also a cybersecurity researcher has a good computer/laptop. Many beginners searching about which laptop is better for hacking, programming and for gaming as well as cheap. Programmers need a fast computer to debug their code as fast as possible, Cyber Security Researchers/Hackers need fast computers to perform […]

85-inch Surface Hub 2S Microsoft’s Giant screen To Make Teamwork Easier
The latest entry to Surface Hub 2S series in the digital world is one way...

Microsoft has commenced the presale of 85-inch Surface Hub 2S on the 22nd of September 2020 in the US. Shipments of 85-inch Surface Hub 2S will be made available to commercial customers in January 2021. This giant 85inch Surface Hub will cost only $21999. This innovative digital Whiteboard will enhance the massive business feature collaboration. […]

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go Launched
An Upgrade to the Microsoft’s Surface Laptop series with features that you would prefer...

Surface Laptop Go, the latest entry to Microsoft’s Surface series, operating at Windows10, is the lightest available surface laptop. It’s basically an upgrade to Surface laptop 3. It is available at an affordable price with its sleek design and performance that you need. Features of  Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go Display features Surface Laptop Go has […]

Everything about PUBG Lite – Free to Play, Low specs game
Explore the lite version of PUBG mobile for low specification devices. Here’s what PUBG Lite has to offer.

Player Unkown’s battleground aka PUBG is a sensational game. It’s been a trend since the day of its launch. But the ultimate popularity to the game was brought by mobile version. PUBG Mobile is right now the top-grossing and most played mobile game. Man, it’s simply an addiction. But users who have low specs computers, […]

Top 5 best websites to learn Programming free 2019
Here are 5 best websites to learn programming languages free of cost 2019 edition

Wanna be a coder? I mean who doesn’t like to code. It’s fun to use different applications, play different games. But it’s exciting to develop them yourself, isn’t it? Well, if you agree, then you’re at the right place. In this article, I am going to share 5 best platforms to learn to code. These […]

Learn Programming free of cost – SoloLearn app review
Learn different programming languages free of cost at solo learn platform

Are you interested in coding? Wanna learn a programming language? But don’t have enough money to buy a course? Don’t worry then, we have a perfect solution for you. SoloLearn is an online community for mobile coders. Here we’re going to tell you about this awesome platform. But before we proceed let me tell you […]

What is Termux? Installation, Usage and 5 best hacking tools for termux
A detailed guide about Termux answering all questions about installation, usage, doing hacking, best hacking tools for termux

There are some most frequently asked questions we often encounter. How to use Android for hacking? What is the best app for hacking on android? The answer to these queries is Termux. But there are a lot of misconceptions about this application. Many of us think termux turns the android into a hack machine. Well, […]