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The Story of Sprotechs

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Our Story

Sprotechs initially started as a Cybersecurity research team founded by 3 friends in 2016. Later it developed into an IT firm providing freelance services including software development and cybersecurity. The team then stepped into bug hunting and started doing penetration testing and developing security tools professionally. In 2018, the firm decided to start a cybersecurity blog i.e. The blog then became a tech news website broadening the niche.

Currently Sprotechs now known as the Sprotechs Inc owns 3 firms under its banner i.e Sprotechs InfoSec (Cybersecurity Research and Development startup), Sprotechs IT Solutions (Offering a range of services including Software, Web, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, E-commerce development etc.)


Sprotechs Inc is a startup based in Peshawar Pakistan. Sprotechs operates with the goal to digitalize the local market and play its role towards digital Pakistan.

The firm comprises 4 main projects:

Sprotechs InfoSecĀ 
Sprotechs InfoSec is the first venture by Sprotechs core team. The infosec department is involved in security research, the development of security tools, helping subscribers secure their privacy. This section operates and communicates with all 3 departments. It’s headed by the CEO of Sprotechs.

Sprotechs IT Solutions
Sprotechs IT Solutions is the software house of the firm that offers value to its customers with Secure and Efficient industrial software solutions like desktop, web, and mobile apps as well as Data mining, Data analysis scraping, and automation tools.

Sprotechs Publishing
Sprotechs Inc. runs a blog website as well. This website publishes daily tech news, updates about tech and cybersecurity, security write-ups and how-to guides about technology, and smartphone and app reviews. Sprotechs blog also covers the updates about Sprotechs research and development work.

Sprotechs Community
Sprotechs has a dedicated community for non-profit welfare tasks. The community management conducts skill development & digital awareness campaigns and training sessions Free of cost. The main goal of the community is digitalizing the nation with the following objectives:

  1. Youth Empowerment
    The community is formed with the primary purpose to help youngsters empower themselves. Sprotechs does awareness campaigns, training sessions, and use the publication to educate youth about skill-focused learning, helping them learn skills and guide them about how to earn online using those skills.
    Awareness about Internet safety
  2. Sprotechs works on 3 main awareness objectives
    1. Why to be online?
      Educating people about the importance of digital literacy and the internet. Why one should use the internet. How to use the internet in the right way for the right purpose. How the Internet is useful for learning and staying updated. Sprotechs educates parents to help their kids with the positive use of technology.
    2. How to be safe online?
      The organization’s primary mission is security. Along with security services, the organization keeps conducting awareness campaigns to educate people about online frauds, scams, cyber threats, and other security complications. The aim of the organization is to provide Internet users a safer environment in the cyber space and arm them with techniques to tackle cyber criminals.
    3. How to be responsible online?
      The Organization has always been working to create a safer environment online. One of the main objectives to achieve this goal is educating people how to evaluate the credibility of an information available online. The organization has taken various initiatives to aware about negative impacts of sharing news/information without confirmation, bullying, fake news, propagandas, leaking someone’s privacy, and other immoral deeds. Sprotechs has organized several training sessions and continuously working to educate people about crosschecking the information for credibility and being responsible online.

Mission Statement

Digitalizing the Nation with AI-powered Secure Tech Solutions.


Our goal is to digitalize the nation and equip them with the technology that benefits them. The primary aspects to accomplish this mission are; digitalizing the economy & digitalizing education. Keeping these in focus, Sprotechs has set the following objectives.

1. Digitalize education:
Education is the key to success for Every nation. Sprotechs is on a mission to digitalize the education system, introduce our educational institutes to the EdTech approach, and using digital solutions to improve education standards.
2. Digitalizing commerce:
Sprotechs’ one of the primary goals is to introduce E-Commerce to the local market. This is to help local businesses explore new marketplaces, connect with consumers nationwide and globally. And building a safer online environment for businesses.
3. Introducing AI:
AI is definitely the future and will bring revolution to technology. Sprotechs is focused on integrating AI into the tech solutions to build smart tech: affordable and more efficient.

Fields of Expertise

We offer Services


We provide Cybersecurity Solutions: Penetration Testing, Security Assessment, Investigations, Security Tools as well as training and awareness.

Software Development

We develop Desktop, Web, and Mobile Applications as well as Data mining, scraping, automation tools.

Digital Marketing

We offer internet marketing services i.e. Search Engine Marketing (PPC+SEO), Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Email and IM Marketing services.


We digitalize businesses and help them explore new markets, grow their business online, and reach global consumers.

Social Media

We manage, grow, secure, and promote social media for budding influencers and content creators.

Business Development

Bring us an idea, we develop it into a proper business plan, strategize it, and make it working for you.

Our Team

Salman Arif Khan

Salman Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Cybersecurity Researcher, Developer, Penetration Tester

Shehriar Ahmad Awan

Shehriar Ahmad

Chief Operations Officer

Cybersecurity Researcher, Digital Marketer, Writer

Ijaz Ur Rahim

Chief Technology Officer

Cybersecurity Researcher, Developer, Data Scientist

M. Ibrahim Shk

Chief Finance Officer

E-Commerce Expert and Graphic Designer


Most frequent questions and answers

No, we Do Not for money. We do penetrate targeted systems, networks, and applications by the consent of the owner for offensive security testing.

Sprotechs is a layered organization, the Core Sprotechs team consists of Founding members, followed by Sprotechs staff and contributors. The joining process is mentioned in team page.

Sprotechs ventures and R&D is funded by side projects and services offered by the Sprotechs team in the freelance market.