Apple iPhone 11 Leaks – Everything we already know

Apple iPhone Leaked - Do we know everything about it?
Apple iPhone Leaked - Do we know everything about it?

We’re just two and a quarter weeks back from seeing Apple’s next-generation iPhone 11 collection officially unveiled. Moreover, only three weeks away from being ready to pre-order it online. A bug in Apple’s iOS 13 beta software lately verified the release deadline that BGR had suggested decades previously. Now we understand conclusively that the company’s big iPhone event will take place this year on Tuesday, September 10. Using Apple’s launch timetable, we can say that the new iPhone series will be available on September 13th.


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iPhone 11 Features:

In other words, we’re only four weeks away from watching Apple’s hotly-anticipated iPhone 11 phones hit stores. We’re starting to see reliable leaks about how it’s going to look and what features they’re going to pack.
A new Bloomberg mega-report claims that incoming iPhones from Apple will feature triple-camera systems. Also, reverse wireless charging features and a new multi-angle Face ID sensor. The report also affirms rumours about the Apple OLED systems naming system “Pro.” Both the Pro and the so-called Pro Max will display wide-angle, telephoto and ultra-wide lenses hybrid cameras.

Face ID, iPhone 11
Face ID scheme capturing a more extensive range of perspective

There is also a wireless charging reservation on the rear of their handsets that enables users to juice Air Pods. As is an upgraded “multiangle” Face ID scheme capturing a more extensive range of perspective so users can readily unlock their handsets. We’ve heard repeatedly that new iPhone 11 will look much like its current iPhone X but with critical changes. We also saw many fresh phone renders. Renders are great, but it’s much better to see the leaked iPhone 11 design of Apple come to life. Bloomberg proves previous rumours about a fresh patch layout, stating that the muddy texture will display “at least some colours.” The model will also be more robust with souped-up water resistance and stronger shattering friction.


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