Apple Watch Series 6 no less than your medical consultant

Apple Watch Series 6
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Your routine health checkup is no more a problem. Because Apple Watch Series 6 is here with its all-new blood oxygen sensors and some other health tweaks and tricks. Apple Watch Series 6 is like your mini doctor and here is a brief review of Apple’s new mini doctor…

Review of Apple Watch Series 6

Blood Oxygen Sensors

Measuring your blood oxygen levels with Apple Watch Series 6 is now possible. Blood oxygen levels give an idea of your overall health. Blood oxygen levels tell about the amount of oxygen absorbed by the blood. That’s why Apple added this latest functionality while keeping in mind the health issues of its users.

When you snug on the watch on the wrist, it takes only 15 seconds to get the reading of blood oxygen levels. You measure can it anytime wherever you need.

While measuring blood oxygen level the back Crystal on the Apple Watch emits the green and red LEDs along with Infrared light. These lights are directed on your wrist and the amount of light reflected is measured by photodiodes. This data is then calculated through specific tools to give the color of your blood.
As we know that the red blood vessel is an indication of oxygenated blood while dark blue of deoxygenated blood. In the same way, a bright red color implies more oxygen in the blood while blue means less oxygen.

It is easy to set up the Blood Oxygen App through the health app on your iPhone. If there is no blood oxygen app in your health app then you have to download it from App Store on your Apple Watch.
However, the blood oxygen app is not available in all the countries as some other apps on Apple Watches.

Family Set up

More interesting about this watch series 6 is its Family set up. It means that you can connect several Apple Watches through a single iPhone. This is the most appealing feature of this series.

ECG (Electrocardiogram)

ECG is also available in Apple Watch Series 6 similar to that in Apple Watch Series 4 and 5.Electrocardiogram lets you know about the condition of your heart. With electrical health Sensors, you can record your heartbeat and rhythm in an accessible way within 30 seconds. Irregular heartbeat and pulse rate is an indication of atrial fibrillation. In the case of irregular rhythms, you can get notifications from the Heart rate app by enabling it on your phone for Apple watch.

Apple Watch Series 6 has a similar functioning of single-lead ECG in watch series 4 and 5. But this single lead ECG can’t measure serious heart problems like the 12 lead ECG. It only gives information about health rhythm and heart rates.

Sleep App

Another innovation of Apple watches is its Sleep App. Apple understands the importance of good sleep. This App is amazing it keeps a track of your sleep and helps you to regularize your bedtime.

Display and New Faces

There is no need for you to put up your hand to watch because Apple Watches are always on the retina display. It delivers a more bright view and a sharp look.

Changing faces depending on your mode and choice is now possible in Apple Watch Series 6. This is because of another latest edition of the New Faces feature.

Price and Release Date

Apple’s watch series starts its prices from $399.
Apple Watch Series 6 was released on 18 September 2020. You can purchase it online or from the stores as it is available in the market.

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