Huawei Ark OS AKA HongMeng OS
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Ark OS on the way – Huawei HongMeng OS releasing soon
Huawei is all set to introduce their dragon to compete with Android. Ark OS AKA HongMeng OS is releasing soon.

We all know what happened to Huawei. How the US govt banned Huawei. Then, until the last reports, the government lifted the ban. If I repeat the beef between Huawei and the US govt, I don’t think it’d be a good idea. Because this is something every smartphone user knows of. So without wasting our time, let’s talk about the breaking news. Huawei is ready to release the most awaited Ark OS. If this name sounds new, I also know this operating system as HongMeng OS. Yup, Huawei’s own operating system is all set for its launch.

Huawei Ark OS launching soon

The news was first reported on Global Times confirming Ark OS. The news confirms that HongMeng OS is coming later this year. Which means we’ll see this awesome operating at the end of 2019. Huawei will not take any risks with the OS. Therefore they will introduce the operating system on a small budget phone. It will target lower and mid-range smartphones. They will start with a $200 phone. Not only this but also it will not be a smartphone OS only. Huawei’s HongMeng OS will be an ecosystem. It’s made to run on cars, routers, and even computers.

The OS, unlike Android, which uses the Linux kernel, will bring something new. The HongMeng or Ark OS will use micro-kernel. This will help in better AI implementation. Not only but also it’ll cross-platform use. The Ark ecosystem is specially designed to attract developers. Soon we’ll see developers making apps for this operating system. The phone will enter the market in the 4th quarter of 2019.

The OS being tested to run Android apps. Huawei is working to make the OS compatible with Android apps. Also, some reports say, there will be cryptographic features too. Well, to know more about it, we’ve to wait for further updates.