Salman Arif Khan is the Founder of Sprotechs InfoSec. He's a Bug hunter. Cybersecurity researcher, Penetration tester and Developer for Sprotechs team.
Nokia 3.1

Nokia 3.1 – Product review and specification

The race between tech giants going faster. Everyone wants to produce better products for their users from each other. It is hard to say which product is better. Because every company keeps on improving and upgrading their products. So we witness a relatively good product after short time spans. When we talk about mobile devices. Nokia […]

Prevent website from DDOS and spambots
Web Development

Prevent website from DDOS and Spambots by using Cloudflare

Securing a website is one of the important steps in website management. And keeping your website safe from harmful stuff like spam bots, DOS(Daniel of service) and DDOS (Distributed Daniel of service). DOS(Daniel of service) or DDOS (Distributed Daniel of service) can cause your website to freeze. If your website has low bandwidth and limited hosting. DDOS, […]

Gears 5 - Gears of war

Gears 5 – Gears of War

Gamers want thrill, action, story-based games. Developers working hard to make a good game and provide the better experience for their users. We are entered in the tech era where Multiplayer games are in trend. Nowadays having a solo mode, the split screen which is played with friends or online co-op. Battle alongside your friends anywhere […]

XSS-Attack (Cross site scripting)

pop-up XSS using open redirect

Cross-Site Scripting attacks are mostly used to inject malicious scripts to infect users, in short, we can also say it XSS. The attacker injects it in trusted websites, so the user ignores threats and visits the link. An attacker can get access to user cookies, hook browsers, redirect users to malicious websites and perform many […]