NASA Hacked with Raspberry Pi - Image courtesy
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NASA Hacked – Hackers used Raspberry Pi in the breach
A rotten Raspberry Pi was used to breach NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory network

Can you imagine that NASA can be hacked? I mean if you’re a cybersecurity guy then you know it. But if you’re someone who doesn’t know much about cybersecurity. NASA is considered one of the most secure places in the world. In fact, NASA is the most prominent space agency right now. But as we […]

Kali Linux roadmap 2019-2020: Credit -
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Offensive Security reveals Kali Linux roadmap for 2019-2020
Offensive security unveils the roadmap of Kali Linux for 2019-2020. Major updates announced in the hacker's favorite operating system.

As a penetration tester or ethical hacker, you must have used Kali Linux once in a life. And maybe like the majority of security professionals you’re still using it. No doubt Kali Linux is the most used operating system by penetration testers. Among awesome pentest environment and lots of tools, the updates are also a […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release
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When will Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release? Here is the launch date
Samsung galaxy note 10 is coming in August 2019. But now we have got the launch date also.

There were various reports about the release date of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10. But until now all we knew was the month of release. Let me tell you a fun fact about the release date. If you’ve Googled the release date of Note 10. You must have noticed this. But if you’ve not […]

free photo editing apps
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Top 5 Best free photo editing apps for iPhone and Android 2019
Best application in the App Store and Google Play to edit photos on iPhone and Android 2019 edition - These apps are available free of cost in App stores

After a long series on video editors. I decided to get to the photo editors also. So here is the first installment. In this article, we’ll have a look at free pic editors for mobile. These are the best free photo editing apps for iPhone and Android. I’ve chosen the free apps as first preference. […]


Learn Programming free of cost – SoloLearn app review
Learn different programming languages free of cost at solo learn platform

Are you interested in coding? Wanna learn a programming language? But don’t have enough money to buy a course? Don’t worry then, we have a perfect solution for you. SoloLearn is an online community for mobile coders. Here we’re going to tell you about this awesome platform. But before we proceed let me tell you […]

5 Best Free Video Editors for Linux, Windows and Mac
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5 Best Free video editors for Linux, Mac & Windows 2019
5 best video editing software for beginners and professionals that are completely free to use. (2019 - Final Episode)

After a number of articles about different video editors. Here we present the last episode of our series. Till now we’ve discussed best video editors for different platforms. But most of them are paid and offer limited trial versions. So now here we bring the solution to trial versions. This article is dedicated to all […]

Video editing software for Mac
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Top 5 awesome video editing software for Mac 2019
5 Ideal software for editing videos on Mac 2019 edition

For creative professionals, Mac has been a preferred choice since long. In this series, we’re covering best video editing software. We’ve talked about Windows, Android, and iOS. Then how can we forget Mac? So here we go with the top 5 video editing software for Mac 2019 edition. I’ll include several open source software also. […]

Best Video Editors For iPhone
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Top 5 best video editors for iPhones 2019
Wanna edit your videos on iPhone? Here are the best video editing applications for iOS in 2019

We’ve so far written about video editors on Windows/MacOS and Android devices. Here is the third edition of this series. While talking about smartphones, we can not miss iPhones. So here we go towards our list of 5 best video editors for iPhone. This list is based on power user reviews and personal research. As […]

Top 5 powerful Video Editors For Android
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Top 5 powerful video editors for Android 2019
Best video editing applications for YouTubers, and Facebook content creators on Android

We previously brought a list of top 5 video editors for Windows. And then just recent top 5 video editors cross-platform. Now it’s the time to look at the top 5 video editors for Android in 2019. This article will be useful for YouTubers as well. If you have a YouTube channel that’s managed via […]