5 Best Free Video Editors for Linux, Windows and Mac
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5 Best Free video editors for Linux, Mac & Windows 2019
5 best video editing software for beginners and professionals that are completely free to use. (2019 - Final Episode)

After a number of articles about different video editors. Here we present the last episode of our series. Till now we’ve discussed best video editors for different platforms. But most of them are paid and offer limited trial versions. So now here we bring the solution to trial versions. This article is dedicated to all best free video editors. These video editors are cross-platform. You can use them on Linux, Mac, and Windows operating systems. Let’s begin with the best video editors for Linux, Mac, Windows!

5 Best Free video editors for Linux, Mac & Windows

Being a Linux user, open source video editors are my first choice. That’s why the list below is based on my experience with different video editors. I’ve used almost all of them. And listing them in order of usage and user experience.


The first video editor I used was Shotcut. It’s a general purpose video editor. If you want basic editing for short videos. Shotcut is a good choice. It is very easy to use and best for beginners. Shotcut is a good choice for YouTube or Facebook videos. Only if you want normal video editing. It supports a wide range of video and audio formats. You can also edit 4K resolution videos. Shotcut supports multiple video effects and features. In short, it’s an ideal choice to start with. Being cross-platform it is available for Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Get Shotcut here.


After Shotcut, I used OpenShot. It’s a bit more professional than Shotcut. OpenShot offers some awesome features and effects. It’s easy to use but a powerful video editor. OpenShot brings you slow motion and time effects also. Not only this but also 3D animations and keyframes, unlimited tracks, and many video effects. It’s a better choice for YouTubers. OpenShot is an open-source video editor. It is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Get OpenShot here.


Kdenlive is a general purpose video editor. It’s good for normal editing purposes. Built on the QT and KDE framework, it process videos with the MLT framework. Kdenlive provides some good editing features. It supports multi-track editing, different media formats. Along with proxy editing, scopes, auto backups, and many effects.

Get Kdenlive here.


Now let’s get professional. Lightworks is my favorite among all editors in the list. I’ve been using it since long. It’s professional and reliable. Lightworks is a complete package for everybody. Whether you’re a social media or YouTube content creator. Maybe you’re a videographer or filmmaker. Lightworks has everything for everybody. We’ve covered the features in previous articles. You can check these articles to know more about Lightworks.

Get Lightworks here.

DaVinci Resolve

I’ve recently started using DaVinci Resolve. It’s just awesome. DaVinci Resolve is an all in one video editing software. Best for filmmakers and videographers. DaVinci got a lot of advanced features for video editing. Above all, it has a multi-user interface. Which means your whole team can work on the same project. I’ve already discussed the awesome features in previous articles. You can read those articles too.

Get DaVinci Resolve here.

So that was the list. And here we end our series. We’ve covered all the best video editors for every platform. You can find all the reviews and articles on the link given below. We’ll update the lists as soon as we experience more.

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