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Selective viewing apps/services by YouTube – Now YouTube is for Everyone

YouTube is the 2nd most searched website on the internet. YouTube provides services for people of any age group. But these services were combined in a single YouTube App. So you’ve to take bad with Good. But now YouTube makes its focus towards selective viewing. When you’re on YouTube, it’s not necessary that you love every type of content shared on YouTube. For example, I am a gaming fan, I don’t want other content on my YouTube feeds. Similarly, there is a lot of adult content found on YouTube. But I don’t want my kids to watch that stuff. There are many factors of selective or restricted viewing.

In this update, I’m gonna tell you about some awesome apps offered by YouTube within YouTube app and even available separately. Let’s get started.

Selective viewing platforms by YouTube:

Selective viewing is offering the desired content to the audience and ignoring the irrelevant stuff from the feeds. In a broad perspective, you can also add restricted or filtered content to this category. For example, ignoring adult content for under 18 age group, filtering other videos out for those who only want to see music feeds etc. So here YouTube brings:

YouTube Kids:

YouTube Kids
YouTube Kids

Now kids love to spend their time on the internet. The purpose can be educational or entertainment. But parents are always in worry that their children should not be affected by negative stuff. YouTube platform issued a good policy in the past to ignore adult content for kids. Like age-restriction was the main thing. But still, it wasn’t the perfect solution. But now YouTube brings YouTube Kids app. A perfect platform for kids to enjoy and get knowledge.

YouTube Gaming:

YouTube Gaming
YouTube Gaming

So welcome dear gamers, no need to search for game live streaming channels. Here YouTube brings a separate service for gaming stream lovers. Now you can check live streams and gaming related videos in your YouTube feeds by visiting YouTube Gaming service.

YouTube Music:

YouTube Music
YouTube Music

When YouTube offers selective viewing to everybody. There is no chance that it will forget about music lovers. Enjoy listening to your favorite songs, get updates about latest hits, stay connected to your favorite artists. All in one music App by YouTube.

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