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Earning from YouTube – How YouTube Content Creator earns money

Whenever we wonder about online earning, there is a Platform that always comes first. YouTube is right now the most used platform for earning. It’s a way to get famous and earn money also. But people who want to start their career as the content creator don’t know much about how one earns money from YouTube. Most common definition of YouTube earning is getting views and earn. But views are not the only factor on which youtube revenue is generated. This article is especially for those who want to start a career as a YouTuber or already have started as a content creator but don’t have knowledge about how to earn. So let’s have a look from the beginning. I am describing it step by step. So here we go:

1- Monetization

The first step in earning from YouTube is Monetization. To earn from YouTube one need to enable Monetization From YouTube. According to YouTube Monetization Policy 2018, A creator needs 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on his channel. Then he can enable monetization on YouTube. There are 3 steps to enable Monetization, Complete the mark, Connect to Google AdSense and you are on. Now you will receive your revenue through your AdSense.

youtube online earning
youtube online earning

2- Views

Views are the most important genre in a YouTube channel’s earning. More views bring More money. YouTube pays dollars per views. But basically, you are not paid for views. The actual earning is from your ad rate. More views mean the ads reached more people. Here it is most important to know that 1 view is staying on a video for about 30 seconds.

3- Ads

As we have discussed money comes from views over ads. Your income also depends on your countries Ad rates. Whenever you monetize your channel, YouTube starts placing ads on your channel. So as more views you get, it means ad viewing ratio is increased. If you’ve experienced earning through the website. You must know about ads and AdSense. The video that is not monetized doesn’t earn any money for you. It means no ads are placed on your video. So it doesn’t matter how many views you get from that view. There is no earning from it.

4- CPM & RPM

While discussing the main earning from YouTube, It’s important to know about these terms. And how they effect your earning.

YouTube earning
YouTube earning

Cost per Mile (CPM):

It is a marketing term used to express cost per 1000 phenomena. If we implement it on YouTube CPM here means cost per 1000 views or cost per 1000 ad impressions on a video. If a video is getting 1000 views, it means ads in the video are impressed 1000 times. The CPM rate depends on the company’s issued rates and the Ad rate of your country.

Revenue per Mile (RPM):

It’s quite similar to the CPM, it is the revenue per 1000 ad impression on your video. Here the point to be noted is YouTube takes 45% commision from the total revenue generated from your video.

So this is the main earning from your YouTube video. And the most frequently asked question about YouTube earning is how to earn through views. Now we are going to Discuss a little about other ways how YouTube creators earn when their channel is grown up and getting a good number of views.

5- Promotions, Sponsors, Marchendise

When your channel have grown to a good ratio, for example you’ve crossed 50k subscribers and you’re getting a good number of views, you can start paid promotions on your channel. You can promote different products or firms who pay you to promote them. When You’re a grown-up YouTuber with a good number of subscribers and views, You also start getting Sponsors. They sponsor your video in return you promote them. And even big YouTubers who get famous start their own merch. They start selling their own designed products.

6- Live stream, Patreon, Paid Memberships

YouTube Memberships
YouTube Memberships

This is the most advanced and difficult way to earn from YouTube. You can enjoy this when you get a good fame and support from your subscribers. When you are a YouTube content creator, You get an option to Go live on your channel. You can interact with your audience through live streams. Here when you have got a good number of viewers in a live stream, you can earn money through super chat feature in the live stream. In super chat, when your viewer wants to show up his name in your live stream, he has to donate some cash to you. it depends on the viewer how much he wants to donate.

There is another platform called Patreon, where your subscribers can help you by contributing 10$ or more to you. It’s a paid membership platform. Now YouTube has started its own platform for paid memberships. Where subscribers can join as members. Here members need to pay $4.99 per month to enjoy membership and more features from your channel.

So that was an overview of earning from YouTube. It’s not so simple to earn. You need patients and hard work to establish your channel. But once when you are established, it’s a platform with multiple of sources and ways of earning.

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