Which country has the fastest internet service? Internet evolution and speed

The Internet is becoming a basic necessity of life these days. We need internet as we need other basic things for daily life. If I start discussing the uses of the internet. My main topic will die before birth. So let’s get back to the topic. While using the internet, the most important thing is speed. There was a time when people used 2G speed on the internet. I remember this time because I’ve used 2G for a long time. Don’t know what was before 2G. But it’s terrible to imagine that time. Just think about it. You need to wait for minutes to download a 5MB file.

The Internet Evolution:

Then we entered the 3G era. I still remember we considered 3G internet as a super fast service. Download speed increased and it became easier to surf the internet faster. 3G provided a speed of more 200 Kbps. But if you think about it in the current time. It sounds like the slow and steady internet. After that, it was improved to 3.5G and later 3.75G. Now at that time, mobile broadband was introduced. The speed rose to several MBs. And still, it’s used in many parts of the world. 3.5G and 3.75G were basically the beginning of 4G.

4G doesn’t need any introduction. It’s used right now in most parts of the world. With increased speed and more faster services. Right now 4.5 has also entered the race. It is a step towards the 5G internet. Which will make 3G a past thing as 2G.

Global Internet Speed Test Index:

Now Let’s talk about the countries that enjoy the fastest internet services. A global speed test index is launched by Ookla every month. Recently Ookla releases the current global speed test index of July 2018. According to the index, the average download speed on mobile broadbands is 22.81 Mbps. And the global average upload speed is 9.13 Mbps. While on fixed broadbands, Global average download speed is 46.41 Mbps, as well as the global average upload speed, is 22.48 Mbps.


Countries with the fastest internet:

According to Ookla Global speed test index, the following countries secure the top 3 fastest internet provided countries both in mobile and fixed broadband:

Mobile Broadband:
  1.  Qatar: Download speed  = 66.67 Mbps
  2. Norway: Download speed = 57.31 Mbps
  3. UAE: Download speed =  55.17 Mbps
Fixed Broadband:
  1. Singapore: Download speed = 181.47 Mbps
  2. Hong Kong: Download speed = 145.65 Mbps
  3. Iceland: Download speed = 143.63 Mbps

Countries with the slowest internet:

Mobile Broadband:
  1. Tajikistan: Download speed = 5.02
  2. Libya: Download speed = 5.49
  3. Afghanistan: Download speed = 5.79
Fixed Broadband:
  1. Algeria: Download speed = 3.68
  2. Venezuela: Download speed = 4.00
  3. Mozambique: Download speed = 5.65

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