What is Web Development?

Web Development
What is Web Development, How it work, and how to code?

Web Development is used to develop a website or a private network (intranet). Web Development doesn’t end on Just developing a static page. It can be a complex website, Web Application, Social Network Services, Electronic Businesses. The Web Development process is basically based on Web Content Development, Web Designing, network security configuration, and client-side/server-side scripting. The Developer has to code a lot. Now the question is What is Coding?

What is Coding?

Coding or developing a program or web application is the phenomena where a programmer designs an executable program used for specific tasks. The developer has to give a sequence of instructions that make the process automatic and solve a given problem, and telling the computer or browser what to do now instructions step by step.

What is Coding?
What is Coding?

In short, we can also say that Coding is like ordering someone to do the task or giving instructions to the computer system. So when we talk about web development, it means to develop programs that can be accessed and executed through the WEB. Let me clear it through a very common example. We use google or any other search engine for various purposes. It is simple to type something in normal language which we need to search. But the architecture behind that search engine and the base that make the engine able to understand what we type. This particular architecture is called coding a web app.

How to Code?

Let me clear first, if you want to learn to code then you have to learn coding Languages. A developer codes in a specific language or in more than one coding languages. There are different languages like PHP, C++, Python, Perl and many more. There are many sources to learn about coding. Before you misunderstand between different types of coding lemme tell you that there is a big difference between Programming, scripting, web development languages. But all these depend on codes. So we collectively call them coding languages.