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WhatsApp features that are simple but amazing

WhatsApp is no doubt a popular social media messing platform. The messaging app has 1 billion active users per day. But many users don’t know about the features of WhatsApp. But now when the platform is more popular, most of our visitors must know about the common WhatsApp features. Here I am going to tell you about some interesting tricks in WhatsApp. By tricks, I don’t mean the font style and other common tricks that you find on WhatsApp very easily. This article is going to be useful for every WhatsApp user. So let’s have a look at my list.

1. Limit Data Usage:

WhatsApp is a social media platform that works through the internet. While using WhatsApp, sometimes the data usage exceed our limits. Many unwanted files start getting downloaded. To tackle this issue, we can limit our data usage. You can find this option in settings > Data and storage usage.

2. Set Custom Notifications:

whatsapp tricks
WhatsApp tricks

It is very irritating when you’re waiting for someone to reply on WhatsApp. And suddenly you hear a notification bell. With your full body energy, move towards the phone. Pick up the cell phone and open WhatsApp impatiently. But! what you see is to make much ado about nothing. All you’ve received is a notification from a group chat containing a forwarded message. Sounds annoying? nop it is irritating. You can solve it by setting a custom notification tone for someone special. To set a custom notification for someone go to his WhatsApp profile > tap on Custom Notifications and select the tone.

3. Read messages without the seen mark:

Isn’t it interesting to read someone’s message without letting him know about it? You must have searched about this trick multiple times. But mostly these tricks are fake or you are asked to install any third party app. Even some people try Mark as an Unread option. But this is useless. Here is a simple trick. Just read the message by expanding it in the notification bar. Or you can turn off read receipts. But by turning off read receipts will disallow you from knowing whether other people have read your message or not.

4. Auto Reply in WhatsApp:

There are many third-party apps available for auto-reply. But the best way and the most secure way for Auto-reply option is using WhatsApp business. You can turn on Auto-reply feature by install official WhatsApp business App.

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