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Everyone is addicted to games. Nowadays it’s common, everyone wants to be once live on Youtube and show his skills. Most of the gamers are coming live on Youtube while playing games like PUBG (Player Unknown battle Ground), Call of Duty Online, Fortnite, and a couple of games. So the article is on How gamers get a live stream on Youtube while playing Games.

OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Open Broadcaster software is an open source software used to live stream or record your screen, take screenshots, scene composition, encoding, recording, and broadcasting. It is written in C++ and it provides the real-time source. It has a great User interface easy to use. You can download OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) from their Official Website which is OBS (Open Broadcaster Software).


First of all download the OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) from their official website. And run the setup as Administrator and click yes. After this, the setup will be openedRelated image

Similarly, click next, another window will be opened which will ask for installing directory. Specify the directory where you want to install. The last step is to click INSTALL. It will take a couple of time.

OBS (open Broadcaster Software)
OBS (Open Broadcaster Software)

Open the OBS software and click on add scene. Minimize OBS for some time and fire-up your browser visit your youtube channel, go to Live Stream and copy Stream key. It looks like this.


Copy the key and open OBS click on settings after this click on stream settings. Select Stream type to youtube put your Stream key. Now you have to add source what you want to record. Just come back and click on source or scene and add whatever you want to record. Sprotechs



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