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Dual-booting: the pros and cons

A dual boot system is a computer system which has two or more operating system installed in one hard drive. It can be different hard drives in one computer having many operating systems. When the computer is turned on, a boot manager is presented to the user to choose between the operating systems. A boot manager works in a way that it replaces the original Master Boot Record (MBR) with its own MBR so that the boot manager program can load itself instead of an operating system. Mostly famous boot-loaders are GRUB, LILO, and SYSLINUX. Bootloaders can recognize different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Android, and BSDs.

Dual Boot Installed operating Systems
Dual Boot Change Operating system menu


  • It is easy to switch between operating systems to use the different software according to that operating system. For example, most of the PhotoShop experts do this to use Adobe on Windows and to play games.
  • If something went wrong with one operating system then other operating systems can be used to carry out the daily work
  • Able to learn the Linux environment and enjoy open source software.
  • Cross-platform applications can be tested with it rather than using Virtual machines.

    Easy to switch between Operating systems
    Easy to switch between Operating systems


  • Dual Boot can give hard times if grub of Linux get issues in updates or sometimes if it goes wrong then it will become unusable and will require a new install.
  • A hard disk is divided between both the operating systems. And there is an issue that Windows cannot read the Linux partitioning or any other type of partitioning.
  • With modern bios have UEFI which makes dual booting hard and difficult to install grub and if something went wrong the EFI partition becomes then it will become impossible to boot. There are some issues reported with Windows 10 update which caused many issues with dual boot.
  • Installing the dual boot is simpler, than uninstalling. When you want to just recover windows then it takes a lot of time using recoveries to recover one operating system.
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