YouTube content creators Guide – Best Chrome extensions for Youtubers

extensions for YouTube Content creators
Chrome extensions for YouTube Content creators

YouTube is now one of the important platforms for earning online. Same as blogging, and running websites. YouTube content creators’ earning also depends on views. In the first part of this write-up, there were extensions for common YouTube users. But in the second part, I’ll be specifically sharing Google extensions for YouTube content creators. My main focus will be on SEO, topic research and analytics related extensions. Because these factors can help YouTube content creators to rank higher. This post is especially for new YouTube content creators. So let’s get started with our list.

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5 Awesome extensions for YouTube content creators:

Tube Buddy:

Tube Buddy
Tube Buddy

I know it’s a cliche but actually, TubeBuddy is the one stop shop for YouTube content creators. It has everything you need for your channel. In simple words, TubeBuddy brings a complete package of tools and tips for your channel. TubeBuddy can manage your channel from uploading a video to promoting it. Not only this but also Research and topic planning to SEO and title/description. From managing your channel in a master way to managing your social media by linking it to your channel. I can’t explain all the tools included in TubeBuddy. But here are important tool categories:

  • Productivity
  • Bulk Processing
  • Video SEO
  • Promotion
  • Data and Research

If you think it would be difficult to master all these. Don’t worry TubeBuddy provides How-to tutorials for every tool. Also, it gives tips and tricks for better channel growth.



Heartbeat is another really awesome extension for YouTube. Not only for YouTube but also for twitch, hitbox, and Dailymotion.h Although I don’t prefer it on TubeBuddy. But it has some really good features. It helps a user in content management and improvement. It helps you to interact with the community and improve your content. This also provides services like comment management, game stats, free collaborations, and streamer features.

Social Blade:

Social Blade
Social Blade

This extension belongs to a platform that is misunderstood by many of us. Generally, people think, the social blade is a platform to see YouTuber’s earning. But actually, this extension can help you a lot to track your performance and analytics. You can stay updated about YouTube community. It’s the best tool if you’re content is based on trends and top creators. This tool provides estimates of channel growth, sub count, updates etc about every YouTube channel.

Brief Tube:

Brief Tube
Brief Tube

The most important part of a YouTube video is its topic and content. For this, we do research on various platforms. Youtube itself is a very important platform for content. But while doing a search, time is very important. Brief Tube helps you there. It summarizes the video and shows in which part what did the creator said. So you can easily jump to that part and get your content. Simple, Effortlessly find any concept in any video. Instantly jump to the correct frame and second. Save time & focus on gaining knowledge

Rating Preview:

Rating Preview
Rating Preview

As we just discussed time-saving. Rating preview extension saves your time by previewing like/dislike ratio. You can easily find out how the audience responded to a video without click on it. This extension displays it all on video thumbnails.


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