Facebook groups losing members
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Facebook groups losing members – Is this really Facebook update?

Facebook is removing members from groups. If you’re an Admin of a Facebook group, you must have noticed a big change in member count. Same like you and me, many Facebook users are complaining about the latest Facebook update. Some are happy with this change in member count, but the majority seems to be angry. Since yesterday, most of the group admins are shocked. Even I was shocked when I first noticed that my Facebook group having 37K members now has only 29K members. I started checking my newsfeeds and other group posts. I saw a similar reaction in almost every group.

Facebook is not removing members from groups:

There are some people who like to act as news reporters. So they started spreading the news that Facebook is removing inactive members. Lemme quote an interesting statement someone posted:

“Facebook is removing Bhuttos from groups”

Now when maybe you’re also one of the victims of this new update. And you believe that Facebook is actually removing inactive members. But guess what, that’s not true. There is no such update announced by Facebook. While doing research about this update I found it strange that not a single news source reporting this news. Facebook is right now the biggest social media network. And no news website like The verge etc isn’t covering this huge update. And what I found was that Facebook is not removing any members. Those members were not added in the group.

Facebook groups losing members
Facebook groups losing members

The actual reason why Facebook groups lost members:

Facebook updated its invite friend feature for Facebook groups. Previously if you wanted to add members to a group it was all about adding them. But this turns really annoying for the majority of Facebook users. If I don’t want to join groups and someone adds me to multiple groups. I automatically become a member of those groups. So as a solution, Facebook updated its invite friend rule. Now if someone adds you to a group. He can’t directly add you. All he can do is to send you an invite request. And it’s your choice whether you want to join or not.

Now, what actually happened to Facebook group members? All those members who were added but they didn’t show up in the group after being added have now been marked as removed. For example, I created a group some months ago. And asked my friends to add their friends too. Somehow I got 2000 members in my group. But out of these 2000, only 700 actually accepted the join request. Remaining 1300 didn’t respond to join request. So with recent changes in invite section, Facebook found these 1300 members not responding to join request. Simply the algorithm declined the join requests and member count decreased.

That was the real story behind Facebook groups’ losing members.

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