PUBG Mobile tricks 2019 – Top 5 pro player tips for PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Tricks 2019
PUBG Mobile Tricks 2019

As everyone knows PUBG mobile has been the most played game of since 2018. It took the entire play store by storm and users thoroughly love the game. We have written an article previously on the best guns of PUBG mobile and this article will help u make your gameplay more professional and easy. Most of the players know these tricks but a lot of the newbies don’t know these tricks. So let’s get to the best PUBG mobile tricks.

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Best Tricks PUBG Mobile

1. Customize buttons:

Well, controls are one the most important things in PUBG mobile and when you are playing on mobile on a small screen it is really difficult to play with non-customized buttons. Often you miss-fire or miss-run which results in getting killed or wasted. That’s why first customize the controls before starting the game so that u don’t have to face problems like that.

2. Activate Peak And Fire:

Leaning is one of the most important things of PUBG mobile. However, most of the players don’t know about leaning and some of the player’s don’t know how to enable it. Just like military personnel leans on an angle to stay safe and fire accurately. Actually, you can do it in PUBG too. Just need to enable Peak & Fire. Enabling the peak and fire button is really simple u just have to go to Setting > Basic > search Peak and fire and simply enable it.

PUBG Mobile Tricks
PUBG Mobile Tricks

3. Gyroscope:

In PUBG mobile u can enable the gyroscope option also. Don’t know about Gyroscope?? With the gyroscope button, you can move your phone to move the screen and aim. Some players will find it easy but it is difficult for some players to play in gyroscope mode. To enable the gyroscope button simply go to Settings > Basic > find gyroscope > Always on.

4. Bots are best to practice on:

In PUBG mobile the servers allow you to play your first few games with bots. U can learn a lot from your first few games like aiming, scoping, sniping and much more basic things.

5. Use Look Around Eye:

In Pc, version players are able to look around while sprinting or proning. Same is possible in the mobile version. U can look around while running or sprinting by dragging the small eye button in the top right corner to wherever you want to look.