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Instagram followers free – Best ways to get followers on Instagram

Instagram is a really popular social media platform. According to the latest stats, Instagram has more than 1 billion active users worldwide. The Facebook-owned app is famous among youngsters below the age of 35. If you’re also an Instagram user, then no doubt you also want followers. Having more followers is an obsession found in almost every Instagram users. Because that’s the way more people can see what you share. You can become popular by having more followers. You can use your popular account to convey your message or promotion to more people. In short, it’s a way to get fame and this fame can bring you many benefits. I’ll discuss these benefits in some other article. But for now, let’s explore some ways to get followers on Instagram.

How to get followers on Instagram?

In this short writeup, I’ll cover the most legit ways to get followers on Instagram. Technically if you know your target audience and share stuff according to their interest. Congrats! you’ve cracked the best way to get famous on Instagram. But if you want some quick ways to get followers. Follow these steps:

Instagram Followers free
Instagram Followers free

1. Your Profile name:

The first identity of yours on Instagram is your profile name. So if you want to get famous quickly on Instagram, don’t use your name. It’s better to choose a popular keyword that matches your niche. Like if you’re someone who loves technology. And your posts are mostly related to tech. Then use a unique keyword like geeky techs, technology freak etc. It helps you to show up in search results more often. Just imagine that you’re making an Instagram page. Same as a Facebook page. When you’re famous enough, you can use your own name. But this is not compulsory.

2. Socialize and be active in the community:

It’s all about how active you’re in the Instagram community. Post frequently, like and comment on people’s post. Just let people feel your presence. More you socialize, more you get followers on Instagram. You can also use the stories option. Stories can provide you with a good boost if you show some creativity.

3. Hashtags (#tags):

This one is the most important tip to get more followers. Hashtags can give you active followers. Those who like your post, comment, and watch plus react to your stories. Using Hashtags is once and for all the best way to get unlimited followers. They bring you a real-time audience. People who follow you through hashtags are always active. Using Hashtags is not so difficult, just post something and add as many hashtags related to your post as much you can. You can also find trending hashtags in the Instagram search. Just type a keyword and scroll to the hashtag option.

Apps and sites to get followers:

Instagram Followers
Instagram Followers

Now let’s talk about the most common way used by people to get followers on Instagram. Most of the time people get scammed or their account gets compromised using any site to followers. Almost 70% of the websites that offer Instagram followers are fake. Rest of them are also not so secure. But you can get quick followers using many applications and bot servers. Most of them provide paid services. But there are many free services, like Fast Followers android app and Real Followers for the Instagram app. These apps are also not trusted because you can’t find them in PlayStore. As I personally don’t trust them, so I’m not sharing download links.

There are certain drawbacks of using these apps and websites. As I mentioned about security risks, you can lose your account. Another disadvantage is that these followers are not at all active. They are dead Instagram accounts. In majority cases, these websites also use your account to follow other customers. Which means if you get 100 followers, you’ll be following 60 unknown users too. And recently Instagram has started removing fake followers. Which makes it more difficult to get followers through these shortcuts.
So that’s a wrap on this article. Hope it proved helpful. I’ve another article about earning money from Instagram. You can also check it.

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