PUBG vs Fortnite ultimate Comparison

Is Fortnite better than PUBG? Ultimate comparison and review

Gaming is not only a hobby. It’s an addiction and in the modern era, it’s even a career. We all love to play video games. Among a lot of games, some become an addiction. In the gaming industry, a game is considered a super hit when it becomes trendy. But a game is successful when it becomes an addiction of masses. Since 2017, we’ve seen many amazing and exciting games launched. Some of them became trendy. But only two of these games achieved the level of ultimate addiction. Majority of other big hit games successfully achieved their targeted business. But these two games won hearts of not only addicted gamers but also of those who don’t like playing games all day.

The games I’ve been mentioning are the famous Fortnite and PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battle Ground). They’re right now biggest competitors. Both games have a huge fan base and millions of players. These blockbusters broke many records since their release. But there is a slight conflict between Fortnite and PUBG players. Where Fortnite lovers consider it the best game and PUBG lovers rank it as number 1. So let’s do a comparison between both games. Let’s see why these games are addictive, what’s common and what differences they have.

Comparison: PUBG vs Fortnite


Both PUBG and Fortnite are battle royale survival games. PUBG is a player-vs-player game where 100 players drop on a map and fight for their survival. Its closer to reality gameplay awesome maps and a variety of realistic weapons attract the players more. The last man standing gets a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Where Fortnite offers more than one mode of play. It comes with Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite: Battle Royale and Fortnite: Creative modes. Battle Royale is quite similar to PUBG, where about 100 players drop on a map from a battle bus. Collect weapons and last man, duo or squad survived wins the show.

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There are many differences in locations, important gameplay mods, and equipment carried by the player in the game. PUBG sounds more realistic whether Fortnite is more adventurous.

Is Fortnite better than PUBG?

Is Fortnite better than PUBG
Is Fortnite better than PUBG

Fortnite gets a lead on PUBG in some factors. Fortnite is less buggy as compared to PUBG which faces bugs more frequently. The second factor is its free-to-play battle royale mode. Forbes has given some awesome points about Fortnite in comparison to PUBG. It’s more a kid-friendly game. Some people love its building castle and a variety of weapons too. If we notice its global fan base, Fortnite got a good fan base in Europe than Asia.

Why PUBG is better than Fortnite?

The game broke so many records after its release and right now it’s on the top of most played games. One of the key reason behind this fact is the awesome gameplay of PUBG. It looks more realistic with real weapons and vehicles. There is an aircraft to carry people instead of the battle bus. PUBG for PC is not free-to-play. But this never affects its popularity. PUBG mobile is completely free-to-play. And another good thing about the game is Emulator. Tencent gaming has launched its own emulator for PUBG mobile. Which allows players to play mobile version in PC.

Why PUBG is better than Fortnite
Why PUBG is better than Fortnite

Its addictive gameplay also plays a vital roll in the game’s success. As I mentioned Fortnite is more a kid-friendly game where PUBG is famous among all age groups. The game attracts Asians more than other players across the globe. I’ll soon write another article explaining all the aspects about “Why PUBG is so addictive?”

Review and Conclusion:

My final words on this short comparison are quite obvious and logical. Both games belong to the same Genre but have equal uniqueness. You can’t compare them because they offer different experience and modes of play.

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