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Ads in WhatsApp – New update will show advertisements in WhatsApp
The most unwanted update is finally confirmed - WhatsApp will show Ads to its users in the Status feature

WhatsApp is one of the most famous messaging apps. No doubt it’s the number one third-party messenger right now. The service was launched in 2009. The messaging service is free to use until now. But after Facebook acquired WhatsApp, there were rumors about putting ads on WhatsApp too. However, Facebook didn’t confirm it until now. But now finally, the update has been officially announced by Facebook.

Ads in WhatsApp

Facebook finally confirms this new update in its recent Marketing Summit. According to reports, the new update will roll out in 2020. This can be good news for marketers but surely it’s bad news for normal users. Facebook didn’t announce any release date of this update officially. But reports predict that the new feature will arrive in 2020.

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How the Ads will appear?

WhatsApp Ads - Photo courtesy: Olivier Ponteville
WhatsApp Ads – Photo courtesy: Olivier Porterville

The ads will appear in the status feature. It’s the same as Facebook and Instagram stories. People use the status feature to share their thoughts, photos, and videos. The status disappears after 24 hours. But now there will be some unwanted things in status. The best example to understand WhatsApp ads is Instagram stories. We keep swiping to view new stories. And the ads appear between these stories. WhatsApp will also follow the same process. It will place promotions between statuses. The demo was posted by one of the attendees at Marketing Sumit.

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Whom it benefits?

Obviously, this is not good news for normal WhatsApp users. But the new update will help marketers a lot. This is going to be their golden chance to target more audience. WhatsApp is famous for its free use and privacy model. But now, the marketers can get into our statuses. Suppose how terrible it’s going to be. For example, I am seeing some beautiful photos of my GFs birthday party in her status. And suddenly my WhatsApp starts showing me ads. On the other hand, as a marketer, I can target more audience. I can interfere with someone’s privacy to sell my product. Well, let’s wait for more updates.

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