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Top 5 best Video editors for YouTube videos 2019
Best Video editors for content creators on YouTube, Facebook, IGTV or any social media platform

It’s a general rule of success to move along with trends. Nowadays, digital careers especially content creation is getting an edge over normal routine jobs. Well, if you’re creative and you want fame and money at the same time. As well as you don’t want a boss to irritate you. You can switch to content creation. In content creation, video content is more in demand as compared to text or imagery. You can explain your thoughts in a 5 mins video rather than 1000 words in written.

There are many platforms for video sharing. But when it comes to earning, YouTube is the best choice. Besides YouTube, Facebook is also getting into the game now. We keep discussing different aspects of content creation and monetization. But the most frequently asked question remains; Which software is best for video editing? So here we go. These are the top 5 best video editors for YouTube & Facebook content creators.

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Top 5 Video editors for YouTube & Facebook videos

Wondershare Filmora

Platforms: Windows, MacOS

There are many reasons to keep Filmora on number 1. First, it’s my personal favorite video editor for Windows. Second, it’s one of the most used editors of content creators. Third, it comes with an extremely easy and comfortable user interface. Fourth, it is also available for smartphones.

Wondershare Filmora comes with 3 products. The Filmora 9 is the latest version of Filmora editor for all. Then comes Filmora pro, that brings some more features and easy mode. Finally, we have got FIlmora Scrn. It’s a screen recorder with basic video editing features. FilmoraGo is the smartphone version available for Android and iOS. You can download filmora from the below sources:

Download for





Platforms: Windows, MacOS

While compiling the list, I kept the ease of usage as the main factor. That’s why Camtasia is second on the list. It’s a screen recorder cum video editor by TechSmith. Camtasia editor has lots of interesting editing features. The interface is quite easy to understand and use. Camtasia is available for Windows and Mac platform. You can download it from the link below.

Download Camtasia

Adobe Premiere Pro

Platforms: Windows 
Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro – Credits: Adobe

Now we’re moving to more complex and professional video editors. Adobe premiere pro is no doubt the most used professional video editor worldwide. It’s one of the best editing tools with numerous professional features. For using Adobe premiere pro, the user needs some good editing skills. Because it is a full pack of awesome editing and video production tools. There is a smartphone version also available. Adobe Premiere Clip is an ideal solution for small screen editing.

Get Adobe Premiere Pro

Get Adobe Premiere Clip

Sony Vegas

Platform: Windows

Vegas products are the most professional video and audio production solutions. Developed by Sony Creative Software, there are many sets of Vegas. The Vegas provide Vegas Pro and Vegas Media studio. Vegas Pro is more a professional one. So I’d recommend Vegas Media Studio. You can learn more about them and download from the below link.

Get Vegas Here.


Platforms: Windows, MacOs, Linux

And here we go. My personal favorite video editor these days. As a Linux user, I can’t use any of the above editors. But I actually don’t need any of them because Lightworks gives me everything I want. It’s free of cost and a professional editor. You can use it for social media and YouTube videos. And up to a 4k film project as well. The only issue is its User Interface. Lightworks is professional but not that much user-friendly. You can learn more and download it from the link below.

Get Lightworks here.

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Best Video editors for content creators on YouTube, Facebook, IGTV or any social media platform

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