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NASA Hacked – Hackers used Raspberry Pi in the breach
A rotten Raspberry Pi was used to breach NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory network

Can you imagine that NASA can be hacked? I mean if you’re a cybersecurity guy then you know it. But if you’re someone who doesn’t know much about cybersecurity. NASA is considered one of the most secure places in the world. In fact, NASA is the most prominent space agency right now. But as we know “Nothing is 100% secure”. This quote was proven right once again. Wanna know how? By hacking NASA’s Lab Network.

NASA Hacked – Raspberry Pi used to breach NASA’s JPL network

The hackers used an unauthorized Raspberry Pi device to exploit the network. US Office of Inspector General (OIG) reported the incident on June 18. According to their report, a Raspberry Pi was used in a cyber attack on the network in April 2018. The report further says that JPL’s network had several vulnerabilities for a long time.

A Raspberry Pi was a part of JPL’s network. And the fun part is the device was unauthorized. After discovering this vulnerability in the network. The hacker exploited that Raspberry Pi to gain access. Not only JPL but also DSN was compromised. Deep Space Network (DSN) is the world’s largest and most sensitive telecommunication system.

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The hacker steals 500MB data from a major system

OIG further reported that the attack allowed a hacker to deep dive into the network. Moreover, 500MB data from a major system was stolen. “Moreover, system administrators did not consistently update the inventory system when they added devices to the network. Specifically, we found that 8 of 11 system administrators responsible for managing the 13 systems in our sample maintain a separate inventory spreadsheet of their systems from which they periodically update the information manually in the ITSDB,” the report said.

The reported further stated: “He does not regularly enter new devices into the ITSDB as required because the database’s updating function sometimes does not work and he later forgets to enter the asset information.”

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