Huawei Unbanned by US govt – Good news for Huawei users
The US govt has lifted the trade ban on Huawei - The US companies can now continue their business with Huawei

Huawei Unbanned By US Govt
Huawei Unbanned By US Govt

So the endgame has finally come to the climax scene. The US govt unbanned Huawei and it can now do business with American companies. According to the president’s statement, US companies can do business with Huawei now. They can sell their equipment to Huawei. Here the equipment means that one where there is no national security issue. This happened all of a sudden. There are many questions like how it happened? Why the US lifted the ban? So here is the reason.

Huawei Unbanned by US Govt – How this happened?

After the president’s statement to lift trade bans on Huawei. The US companies will continue to do business with Huawei. But this seems strange because it happened all of a sudden. The decision is a result of president Trump’s discussion with Chinese president Xi Jinping. Apparently, the discussion was not only about the ban on Huawei. There were also some other negotiations. They also agreed that the US will not pressurize companies into not purchasing Huawei 5G equipment. The US also agreed not to introduce any additional charges on Chinese products.

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But it’s not a win-win situation for China alone. In return to this China also made some agreements. China has agreed to buy a handsome amount of US agricultural products. Donald Trump said; “We’re going to give them a list of things we’d like them to buy.”

Will Huawei trust the US?

Huawei literally showed was their capability. They already had a backup plan as soon as the ban was imposed. Huawei introduced its non-Google version of Android.  They’ve almost finished the Arc OS aka Hongmeng OS. And it’s widely believed that Ark OS can replace Google’s Android. Huawei’s Ark Compiler can make Android 60% faster. Ark compiler is currently compatible with ARM chips.

For now, Maybe Huawei continues using Google’s Android. But they’ll keep working on their own Ark OS to make it perfect.