YouTube bans Hacking videos – YouTube’s New policy update
YouTube will no longer approve Ethical hacking and Cybersecurity related content. Instructional Hacking and How-to videos will be listed under dangerous content.

YouTube bans Hacking videos
YouTube bans Hacking videos

Here comes really bad news for Cybersecurity content creators. YouTube bans hacking videos and cybersecurity How-tos. Which means if you’re someone who uploads hacking tutorials. Now your videos will be deleted from YouTube. Not only this but also in future such content will not get approved. Being a cybersecurity Youtuber, it’s bad news for me as well. Let’s know about this new policy.

YouTube bans hacking videos

Google’s video platform YouTube recently updated content policies. As a matter of fact, it’s not a policy change. YouTube added some more examples to dangerous and harmful content category. The last example now states “Instructional Hacking and Phishing”. But what does it actually mean? No more cybersecurity videos? Well no. Here is the answer.

Screenshot from YouTube support article
Screenshot from YouTube support article

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No more cybersecurity videos on YouTube?

In the further explanation of this example, YouTube defines the prohibited content. The article states:

“Showing users how to bypass secure computer systems or steal user credentials and personal data”

Now let’s elaborate on this statement. The rule isn’t new, but now YouTube will strict the review system. Previously, 70% of the How-To videos got approved. It led to some serious misuse of this knowledge. You must have searched or seen How-to Hack tutorials. For example: How to hack facebook, how to hack wifi, how to hack a computer and many others. But now such videos will not get approval. If someone has already posted such content, he’ll get a community guideline strike.

What’s the exception?

Only instructional content is banned. One can explain vulnerabilities. If you’re a cybersecurity researcher. You can explain different security threats. Awareness videos about how to be safe. You can explain different hacking concepts. Actually, this is doubtful. If your content can be misused, you’ll get a strike. Technically most of the content trends related to hacking will no longer work. Because mostly we go to YouTube for practical demonstrations. Now there will be no instructions.