What is Domain name – How to get free domain name
Everything you need to know about domain names, and choosing the right domain names.

Image by Jireh Gibson from Pixabay
Free domain name: Image by Jireh Gibson from Pixabay

We’ve so far covered different topics in our web development series. And if you’ve followed this series, you must know what is web development. Not only this but we also briefly discussed how the internet works and languages used in Web Development. So now let’s proceed and learn something new. In this article, we’ll have a look at domain names. I’ll give you all the information about the domain. Also, we’ll learn how to buy a domain. But if you’re here for learning purpose only. Don’t worry! I’ve included how to get free domain name. Let’s get started.

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What is Domain name?

A domain name is the address of your website. Let’s make it simple, the domain name is the URL of the website we type in the address bar. Let’s suppose our website is a house. The domain name is the address of our house. For instance, you want to reach the Sprotechs website. Or lemme say, my house. There can be two ways to find my house. One is through my longitude, latitude, etc that we call intercepts. That’s the exact location of my house. But is it easy to remember those intercepts? I guess no. And what if I have got an address like House no. 1, street 4, this colony and that road. It’s more easy for everyone to remember this address.

Domain Names
Domain Names

How does domain name work?

Same goes for the website. Now consider our website as my home. Every website has an IP address assigned to it. You can access a website through that IP address. Let’s take the example of Google. The IP address of Google is Now I want you to do a small activity. Copy this IP address and open a new tab in your browser. Paste the IP address in your address bar. Now hit enter and see what happens. Here you go. This will take you to Google’s homepage.

How Domain Name Work
How Domain Name Work

But did you noticed one thing? It’s not easy to remember these numbers. Here comes the domain name. Just like your house address, your website has a domain name. In our case, sprotechs.com is our domain name. And google.com is the domain name of Google. Now repeat the activity but this time try entering the URL or domain instead of IP. Which one was easy?

Components of a Domain name

Generally, a domain name has 3 parts or components i.e TLD, secondary/mid-level domain, subdomain. Let’s suppose we’ve got a website having URL https://www.example.com. Now let’s break it into parts.

Top-Level Domain:

A top-level domain or extension is the high-level domain name on the internet. We can see .com at the end of the URL. That’s called Top-level domain. We’ve lots of TLDs such as .com, .org, .co, .us, .pk, .in etc

Secondary or Mid-level Domain:

That’s our website name. Just look at the address bar. You’ll see Sprotechs.com. Our website name is Sprotechs. Similarly, in the case of Google, the mid-level domain is Google. It is the identity of our website. You can call it a house number also. 


You must have seen different websites having subdomains. I’ll take my own example. On our website, we’ve several subdomains like about.sprotechs.com, tools.sprotechs.com, etc. The name before our mid-level domain is a subdomain.

Components of domain name
Components of domain name

How to get a domain name?

Before we discuss the process to get a domain. Lemme answer some common FAQs. Many of you will ask can we get a domain which is already in use? The answer is No! We can’t buy a domain that’s being used by someone else. Yes, we can contact the owner and buy the domain from the owner. You also can not change your domain name. You can buy a new domain name instead. The domain names are provided by domain registrars. I’ll mention some of them at the end. You can buy a domain name and also get it for free (not so reliable).

Tips for buying a domain name

  1. Think well before selecting a domain name. Select a name that represents your brand, your personality, your business or whatever your purpose of the website is. So it’s important to choose a well-researched domain name. In our case, Sprotechs is our brand name.
  2. Prefer a .com domain. It’s the most popular TLD and most of the people remember it easily. So your visitors won’t forget your extension. But if .com isn’t available, you can go with others. I’d advise .co, .org, etc. If you’ve got a geo-specific website. Select TLD according to your region. For example .us, .UK, .pk etc
  3. Use keywords in your domain name. It’s beneficial to use add a keyword in your domain name. It helps a lot in your SEO and site ranking.
  4. Keep your domain name short. Long names are also not easy to remember. Your domain name should be short and easy to remember. Also, it’s easy to spell.
  5. Avoid dashes and hyphens. Also, avoid numbers.
  6. Avoid trademarks, be creative.

Best websites to get domain names at cheap cost

There are lots of domain registrars. But here are some popular websites from where you can buy domains. You can buy domain names at cheap rates. These sites often provide offers where domain prices are extremely low. Here are some honorable mentions:

  1. Namecheap.com
  2. Godaddy.com
  3. Hostgater.com

How to Buy a Domain name?

To buy a domain name, there are some very simply steps. 

  1. Simply go to a domain name registrar website. Let’s suppose GoDaddy.
  2. Now search a domain name.
  3. Click on Add to cart.
  4. Now click on Continue cart or checkout option (Whatever provided).
  5. Choose any additional services you want. If you don’t want any, just skip it.
  6. Now you’ll need to sign up. Just create an account
  7. After sign up and logging into your account, you’ll provide your billing info.
  8. When payment is done. You own the domain.

We’ll learn how to use your domain name in future articles.

How to get free domain name?

You can get a free domain name also. These domains are not much reliable. So I’ll advise you to buy one. But different TLDs like .tk, .ma, .ga etc are available for free. Here is how to get one for you.

  1. Go to freenom.com.
  2. Search your domain name.
  3. Follow the process we discussed above from step number 3.

That’s it. In the next article, we’ll learn about web hosting. And then we’ll learn how to use domains and connecting them to hosting. Don’t forget to give us your feedback.