Ninja Hacked – Famous Twitch Streamer’s Instagram got Hacked
Famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer Ninja’s Instagram account gets hacked. Hacker posts Giveaways and offers

So if you’re a fan of gaming and follow twitch streams, you must know Ninja. Even if you’re active on YouTube and watch gaming stream. There is no chance you don’t know one of the most popular streamers. Richard Tyler Blevins aka Ninja is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer and gamer. But by ‘Ninja Hacked,’ I don’t mean his twitch or YouTuber has been hacked. I mean yeah he got 14m followers on Twitch. As a YouTuber, he has 22m subscribers on his channel.

Ninja Hacked – The Hacker posted giveaways

Ninja has a great following on social media. He has 4.5m followers on Twitter. The streamer got 14.2m followers on Instagram. Yesterday, his followers noticed a strange activity from his Instagram. He was posting offers, giveaways, gift cards extra. In one of his story he posted:

“Giving Away 2500x gift cards,

Amazon, PayPal, Xbox, Playstation & more.”

Screenshot-Ninja Hacked Account
Screenshot-Ninja Hacked Account

In an Instagram post, the hacker posted:

“I’m giving away 1000x free iPhone XS’ Vbucks and much more.”

Screenshot-Ninja hacked Acc
Screenshot-Ninja hacked Acc

The streamer later tweeted that his account was hacked. But now it’s recovered and everything is fine.

In modern times, where security is an illusion. We’ve to be very careful. Especially influencers must focus on their security. Read our article about Instagram’s new feature for Hacked accounts’ recovery.

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