All about Web hosting – Choosing the best web hosting plan
Everything you need to know about web hosting and how to choose the best web hosting plan for your website

Web Hosting
Web Hosting

Before we discuss web hosting, let’s have a look at what we’ve covered so far. We started with an introduction to web development. Then we came to know about coding languages. Then we properly discussed how the internet works. An article was also about website security from bots and spams. Recently we learned about domain naming system and domain names. Now let’s proceed and explore some more.

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What is Web hosting?

In the previous article, we talked about domain names. There I gave you an example of a house. Let’s take that example further to understand hosting. The domain name was supposed as the address of that house. Consider web hosting as the house. If we add Sprotechs to our example. The domain name was the address of Sprotechs’ Office. And web hosting can be considered the building of Sprotechs Office. It’s the place where all the stuff is kept. And all the work is done. Similarly, you’ve got an example of your computer. From where the movie or file you open loads? Where it’s kept? It’s your storage.

Same goes for the website. The domain name is just an address. But the web hosting is where the website is actually hosted. It’s where all the data about the site is stored. There are many types of web hosting. There is shared hosting, VPS, dedicated server, collocated hosting, and cloud hosting. You can read about them here.

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Choosing the best  hosting plan

To run your website smoothly, it’s important to choose a good plan. Here we’ll discuss the factors that will help you choose the best web hosting. So here are some important factors you must take off while choosing a hosting plan.


First, define your budget and then choose a plan that meets your budget. More features in a hosting more will be the cost. So make sure you have a hosting plan that meets your budget and offers good features also.

Reviews and Feedback

Before getting hosting, must check reviews and feedback of users of that hosting provider. Public opinion and review by other users will help you know about the pros and cons of a hosting provider.


That’s one of the important factors. You must need to have enough storage for your website. It depends on what type of website you’re building. If it’s a website where you’re hosting lots of files and media. Your storage plan must be according to your needs.


It’s also important to check how much traffic your web hosting can handle. Obviously, people will visit your website. So make sure the hosting is able to handle the traffic.

Up Time and Response time

How long can a website keep itself online? Also how long it takes to load? Uptime means how much time the hosting is working and available. Response time is how much time the website takes to load.


This is what I personally prefer while choosing a hosting plan. Security of your web server is an important thing to keep your website safe from hackers. You can easily know this by checking the reviews about a certain web hosting.

Getting a Web hosting plan


Like previously, I’ll add two ways to get web hosting. Firstly I’m gonna add some best hosting providers. And then some free hosting providers. So here we go:

Best Web Hosting Providers

You can get hosting with best services and good prices from these websites. Some of them were mentioned in the previous post also.

  1. Godaddy
  2. Namecheap
  3. Bluehost
  4. Sudoly
  5. Hostgator

Getting a Free web hosting

These websites offer free hosting. But I won’t recommend you to choose free hosting. If you’re planning to start a professional website. Must go with a premium hosting plan. But if you want to host for learning purpose. Or want to test it. You can get hosting for free on these websites:

  1. 000webhost
  2. Infinity free
  3. Byte Host
  4. Free Web Hosting Area
  5. Googie Host

So that’s all for today. Will see you next Sunday with another writeup about web development.