Instagram for Content Creators

Instagram for content creators – Some awesome Instagram features
Best features by Instagram for content creators. Start producing content on Instagram and get fame and money

We’re all aware of Instagram as an app for socializing. Widely used for sharing photos and short videos, Instagram is now a popular platform. But do you know? Instagram is becoming the new hub of content creation. YouTube creators and bloggers are accepting this change happily. In today’s article, we’ll have a look at how Instagram is attracting content creators. Here are some cool features by Instagram for content creators.

Instagram for content creators

If you’re a content creator on YouTube, I suggest you to start using Instagram right now. Maybe you’re on Instagram but you’re not using it properly. You can earn money and get an audience through Instagram as well. Instagram doesn’t have any ad program like AdSense. But marketers and brands love this platform. There are high chances of getting paid for branded content and promotions.

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Some Awesome Instagram features for Creators

Here are some awesome features you must use as a content creator. These features will help you grow faster.

Instagram creator account

Previously Instagram had only two types of accounts. You could have a personal account or a business account. But the new major update brings the 3rd category. You can now switch to a creator’s account. This gives you some extra tools and features. You can get tools that will help you grow as a creator.


This feature is mostly used by business accounts. Marketers know the actual importance of this tool. In a creator’s account, Insights is the most important feature to use. It has three tools i.e

  1. Content: It tells you about the content you’ve posted. Also the performance and reach of your posts. Not only posts but also stories.
  2. Activity: This tool provides stats about interactions, discovery, reach and impressions.
  3. Audience: This is my favorite tool in Insights. It tells you everything about your Instagram handle. You can check Growth, region, age range, gender, followers stats, etc in this tool.

This information helps you a lot to improve your content.

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Instagram doesn’t allow you to post long videos. But this restriction isn’t for IGTV. This platform is Instagram’s own YouTube for users. If you’re a video content creator, must take full advantage of this platform. Especially for YouTubers, IGTV is a blessing.

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