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Using the Domain Name – Connect Domain to Web hosting
Here is how we can use a domain name and how to connect a domain to our web hosting

So if you’re following our web development series, you know what we’ve covered yet. If not, then let me give you a quick recap. We did an introduction to web development and learned about languages used in it. Then we explored how the internet works. Then we get started in a proper way. We already know what’s domain and web hosting. Also, we know how to get a domain and web hosting. Now as promised, today we’ll learn about using the domain name. We’ll connect our domain to web hosting. Let’s get started!

Using the Domain Name

Just suppose, if was not connected to the web hosting. We won’t be able to do anything with that domain name. Let’s consider the same example we’ve been discussing since last 2 articles. Consider domain as the address and hosting as the house. Now if there is no building on that address. There will be no use of the address. To use our domain, we need to connect it to our web hosting. Or more simply direct it to our web hosting control panel.

What is Web Hosting Control Panel

This service is provided by your web hosting. It manages and controls your web hosting and services it provides. If you’re using a Linux hosting, it’s commonly known as Cpanel. This control panel manages different services like:

  • Web Server
  • Domain name server
  • Mail server
  • File manager
  • Database
  • phpMyAdmin
  • Firewalls

And other services provided by your web hosting.

Connect Domain to web hosting

It’s not a difficult job. Every domain name registrar and web hosting provider shares this process. You can easily find the best solution on your web hosting or domain provider’s website. Or a simple way to do so is a single Google search. Go to Google and type “Connect Domain to Web hosting” followed by your hosting provider. Let’s do it with an example. I’ll choose 000webhost, a free hosting service. Along with 000webhost, I’m using Freenom domain which is a free domain. 

  1. Go to My Domain option in your domain login. In my case, it’s a Freenom dashboard. You need to login to your account on the site where you registered the domain.
  2. Now find the manage domain option.
  3. Go to management tools and find the nameserver option.
  4. If you’ve got the domain and hosting from the same website use default nameserver. 
  5. In case, you’ve got a domain and hosting from different websites, choose custom nameserver.
  6. You’ll get your nameserver addresses from your hosting provider. You can also search it on Google.
  7. Replace the nameserver 1 and nameserver 2 with these addresses.
  8. Now go to your web hosting control login. And follow the process instructed by the hosting provider.
  9. In my case, I’ll go to tools > website addresses > Add domain.
  10. Now simply park the domain. And you’re done.

I’m giving a video link for demo. You can watch the process practically.

That’s it for today, the next article will be on Blogger and WordPress. We’ll learn about using blogger also. Then we’ll start the CMS section.

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