Crazy Flat Earther launching himself 5000ft up on homemade rocket
Mike Hughes, a Flat Eather, and rocketeer will launch himself 5000 feet up in his homemade steam-powered rocked tomorrow

Crazy Flat Earther launching himself 5000ft up - Photo_Courtesy_
Crazy Flat Earther launching himself 5000ft up - Photo_Courtesy_

What else can you expect someone who believes that earth is flat? Pardon me if you’re one of them who believe the earth is flat. Actually, we’ve spent years studying earth is round/oval at school. Trust me, I don’t want to undo all that I’ve studied so far. So please don’t confuse us again. Well jokes apart, we’ll discuss flat earth society some other time. For now, let’s talk about this new adventure. A crazy Flat Earther will launch himself 5000 feet above the ground. He’s not on a mission launched by NASA or SpaceX. In fact, flat earth society believes these people are making us fool. Then who’s that guy and why is he doing so?

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Crazy Flat Earther launching himself 5000 ft. up

According to, the guy’s name is Mike Hughes, also known as “Mad” Mike Hughes. He’s a member of the flat earth society, we can say a Flat Earther. Also, he’s a rocket builder, daredevil and a Limo driver. This young man is in his 60s. The 62 years old will launch himself for the second time. In March 2018, he launched himself 1875 feet. The Mad Guy landed almost safely via parachute. He survived with some soreness and compressed vertebra. He failed multiple times before this attempt and got some injuries.

Mad Mike Hughes - Courtesy:
Mad Mike Hughes with his homemade rocket 2018, courtesy:

The steam-powered homemade rocket

We must appreciate the man for his courage. At such an age, he’s living on the edge. Another interesting thing he owns is his rocket. His homemade rocket uses steam as fuel. “There’s No fuel cost; it’s water,” he says. He states that the current rocket is an improved version of the one he used last year. The rocket will launch from a mobile platform. This is also a unique aspect of our Mad dude. Last year he used a motor home. This year, he’s using a semi.

The launch gets a sponsor

“Mad” Mike will launch the rocket on Sunday, August 2019. Yeah, it’s tomorrow. But the interesting fact about this launch is, it’s sponsored. It’s sponsored by the Hud. A dating and hookup application. Well, let’s see if he can prove something or not. But he’s a daredevil. That’s what matters the most. And have a safe journey, dude!