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5 best fitness apps for Android – Workout and Meditation
Some useful physical workouts and meditation apps available in the Playstore to take care of your fitness and health.

There is a very common saying: “Health is wealth,” and no one can deny it. Being healthy is important to fulfill our daily jobs. But these routine jobs often keep us away from the gym. We often neglect our health because of the workload. Most of us feel lazy to do a proper workout. We even miss some easy routine exercises. Not only physical health but also mental health is important. Meditation is a great way to relax your mind. It reduces stress. And you can Google benefits of meditation. Here I’m presenting some fitness apps for Android. These apps can be helpful for those who feel lazy to attend the gym. Just like me.

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Best fitness apps for Android

Home Workouts: No equipment

An app I used for a long time. Home Workouts is an app by the Leap Fitness Group. This team has a wide range of fitness apps. But the home workouts is best among all. You can do proper workouts with no equipment. Best for those who don’t have time and gym equipment.


Too busy to do 30 minutes’ workout? Don’t have even 15 minutes? Well, that’s not good, but it happens. Seven is the app for you. Different categories of workouts each one can be done in 7 minutes. There are 30 seconds sets of each exercise in your workout plan. You can also set custom plans.

Freeletics: Workout and fitness

The Freeletics is your online gym. You can do all type of gym workouts and training with this app. Although if you want to take real benefit, you’ve to buy a premium version. But this can be your best investment. You can do a session anywhere you want. No need of equipments.

Simple Habit

Now let’s talk about some meditation apps. With many tutors and awesome features, Simple Habit is always my first preference. I recently started using this amazing app. It helps you to built a useful habit. You can meditate in the morning, after work, before work. Reduce your stress or improve your sleep. A trainer to guide you and a session to make you feel relax. This app has everything.

Headspace: Meditation and Sleep

Hundreds of sessions on physical health and mental relief. Headspace can be your second choice with its variety of courses focusing on sleep and meditation. There are different courses on different themes. Choose your theme and start the session. This app is helpful for physical health, stress management, anxiety relief, and personal growth.

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