Fastest Web Browsers for Android 2019
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Top 5 fastest web browsers for Android 2019
5 fastest web browsers for Android. These are fastest, secure and privacy-oriented browsers for surfing on the Web

Web Browser is one of the most important and must-have apps in any smartphone. We all spend some time on the Internet daily. Apart from social networks, a web browser is always the most used app on our phone. Our smartphone comes with a default web browser. But it’s not always the best choice for surfing the web. And here raises the issue; we need a new browser. So now, what are things we see in a browser to select the best one? We search for the fastest web browsers for Android. But speed is not everything. There are 3 main factors we consider while selecting a browser.

  1. Speed
  2. Security
  3. Privacy

There are many others like compatibility, features, etc. However, the above 3 cover most of these other factors. That’s why I’ve come up with a list of top 5 fastest web browsers available for Android.

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The fastest web browsers for Android 2019

Before proceeding, let me clear about the parameters and tests. I base the rankings in the below list on my personal experience. I tested these browsers on 2 Android devices with the same specifications. Both devices were low-end Android phones with 2GB RAM. Maybe one or two ranks differ on your device. But none of the browsers will leave the list or get replaced by any other. Let’s get started!


A browser that can win this race anytime. Puffin is the fastest web browser with no doubt. Because they made this browser for speed. The tagline says: It’s wicked fast. Puffin is the fastest web browser. It speeds up your browsing by shifting the workload to cloud servers. It also offers you cloud protection. Puffin encrypts the traffic to protect your data from Hackers. Which makes it a safe choice for public non-secure WiFi. 


For Android, Google’s Chrome browser comes by default in most of the devices. You can not deny the speed and safety it provides the users. It’s a Google product, so safety is questionless. You also get personalized search results and quick appearance. Chrome has Google’s safe browsing feature built-in. Another powerful feature is fast downloading. You can download any file faster than any other browser.


I got confused between the last 3 browsers. It was difficult to rank them. Because all of them are too close in the speed competition. So I ranked them on comparison based on speed + security + privacy. Brave is a privacy-oriented web browser. It’s fast, free, and secure to use. It comes with a 3rd party ad blocker and pop-up blocker. Also, a fingerprint blocker. The optimization features help you save your battery. By enabling the security features, you get a private and encrypted browsing experience. HTTPS everywhere feature lets you browse only those sites that are safe.


One of my favorite browsers these days is Opera. This amazing browser comes with different variants.

Opera Web Browser

Full-size opera browser with amazing features. The most interesting feature is the built-in VPN. Opera blocks many ads for fast browsing. It’s based on Chromium 74. It also has a beta version called Opera Browser Beta.

Opera Mini

Faster and more stable version for low-end smartphones. Opera mini is a lightweight fast and safe browser. It also has a beta version called Opera Mini Browser Beta. The focus of this version is to increase speed and save your data.

Opera Touch

It’s the new web browser by Opera. The touch browser is made to be used on the go. Instant search, on the go browsing and a flow setup makes it special. It’s best for quick surfing and saving things you find online. Like other versions, Touch also has an ad blocker for fast and safe browsing.


Last but not least is Mozilla’s Firefox browser. It’s one of the fastest web browsers for Android. Not only fast but also safe and private. If you love privacy-focused browsers, Firefox is for you. It’s fast and offers next-level privacy. The most interesting feature is the Mozilla Add-ons. You have got an Add-on for everything.

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