Huawei Map Kit – Huawei’s alternative to Google Maps
Huawei is making its own Google map’s alternative named “Huawei Map Kit” in collaboration with Yandex and

Huawei Map Kit
Huawei Map Kit

Right after announcing Harmony OS, here comes Huawei with another blast. Huawei is now becoming an active competitor of Google. After introducing Harmony OS, which is said to be an alternative to Android. Here comes another blow by the Chinese tech giant. Huawei is building its own mapping service called the Huawei Map Kit. We all know Google maps as a dominant mapping service. In fact, it’s the most widely used product by Google across the globe. People like me can’t imagine traveling to the office or come back home without this service. But as we all know, Huawei is providing an alternative to every Google product. Here comes another one.

Huawei Map Kit – An Alternative to Google Maps?

State-owned China-Daily outlet reports that Huawei is building its own mapping service. The outlet further mentioned some key features of this Map Kit. According to the China Daily, the Huawei Map Kit is not directly for consumers’ use. It’s a tool for developers who can use it to make mapping related apps. According to reports, this Map kit will have a real-time traffic condition feature. Not only this but also it offers lane change recognition and AR features. 

Sources also report that the Russian tech giant Yandex is also collaborating with Huawei. Yandex is called “Russian Google also”. Not only Yandex but also and kayak also seem to join this venture. The app will support 40+ languages. It’ll be connected and available in 150 countries and regions. The possible release date of Huawei Map Kit is said to be October 2019.