Apple Watch Series 5 – Rumors about features and specs

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5

The Apple Watch maintains the best-selling smartwatch name at the moment. The most advanced device is still the Apple-Watch 4 (standing near the bottom of our highest smartwatch rating). So we would be surprised if Apple did not unveil the Apple-Watch Series 5.

We’re able to see Apple-Watch 5 later today as we expect it to release alongside new iPhone 11. Here’s all about the Apple Watch 5 we’ve known so far, combined with what we want and hope.


Unlike the iPhone, the Watch naming structure wasn’t messed up by Apple. The firm has followed each year with sequential digits since the initiative was taken by the Apple-Watch 1. Therefore, it is hugely probable that the 2019 smartwatch model of the company to be called the Apple-Watch 5


The next event for Apple will take place now on September 10. It’s expecting that the Apple-Watch 5 will be part of the product lineup along with iPhone 11. It could be available on sale on September 20.


We’ve placed together all rumors we’ve known about the Apple-Watch 5’s new features and specs we’re waiting.

  • Focus on fitness
  • improved battery life
  • Always-on display
  • Smart belts
  • Sleep monitoring

The first significant study originated from reliable Apple consultant Ming-Chi Kuo, who said the company could be placed on at least one model to implement a “new ceramic casing design.”

Kuo also believes that Apple will bring ECG support to more countries with Apple-Watch Series 5.

Later it is revealed that Apple was operating on a sleep monitoring function that was not available in past Apple Watches. A source near to the problem reported that Apple Watch Series 5 would have the feature.

A Reuters article also stated that Apple would look to the Japan Display to create the Watch 5 OLED screens. Another report indicates that Apple-Watch 5 could also be the first wearable Apple to-come online with Wi-Fi Assist technology.