The new iPhone 11 pro

The new iPhone 11 Pro launch event – New features

Last evening, Apple introduced its brand new variety of iPhone for 2019. It is announcing its primary smartphone range in the next age. The firm announced the latest iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max at the Steve Jobs Theater in Apple Park, California.

Apple’s most significant announcements in the September 2019 event

Apple’s big 2019 hardware event has wrapped up, bringing a bounty of exciting announcements as expected. iPhone11 Pro stole the show at Apple’s fall 2019 hardware event. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Here’s all you need to understand about the latest device, how to buy them, and what cases to attempt.

Display and Colors

The iPhone 11 Pro, last year’s update of the XS phone. This has an OLED Retina display of 5.8 inches. The iPhone11 Pro designs for customers who want “the most sophisticated technology.” The back has a new matt finish and new colors: green, gray space, silver and gold.

Announced the iPhone 11 Pro with a triple camera system

The iPhone11 Pro is the latest iPhone headliners. It has a three-camera system with a photoset, ultra-wide and regular lenses. Apple is claiming that each of the three cameras is capable of shooting at 60 images per second in 4 K resolution. And an on-stage demo reveals that the upcoming software could capture various subjects through each lens. The iPhone11 Pro has three back lenses: 12MP telephoto lens, a 12MP wide-angle lens, and an ultra-wide-angle lens.

The new front camera slo-mo mode on iPhone11 Pro is another unique camera feature that people are talking about. Using this mode, people can use the front-facing camera, dubbed “slofie,” to take slow-motion selfies.

Wi-Fi 6 Support

While none of the new models will support 5G. All three iPhone 11, iPhone11 Pro and iPhone11 Pro Max include Wi-Fi 6 support. Wi-Fi 6 is essentially the latest version of the 802.11 wireless networking standard, commonly known as Wi-Fi. As well as doing everything regular Wi-Fi can, Wi-Fi 6 promises more efficient and faster networking service as ever.
Keep in mind that Wi-Fi 6 is not yet officially certified. So it’s not, however, a must-have feature on the iPhone 11, but it’s going to be handy in future.


Anyone who has ever owned an Apple product knows that they’re not exactly the cheapest purchases in the world. But consumers with sharp eyes have noticed that the iPhone 11 series is considerably more expensive in the UK. The cost for UK customers will be £ 1,049 for the iPhone 11 Pro, and which costs $999 for US customers.

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