iPhone 11 Series Review

iPhone 11 Series Review – Innovation or Improvement?

New iPhones from Apple bring greatly enhanced cameras and fresh colors. The iPhone11 has one significant aspect that will make real difference to customers, and more so than any other element: it has killer cost. While the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max are stealing the show in terms of headline specs.

iPhone 11 Series Review

We also want to talk with you all the exciting features and specs you should think about to help you decide whether to buy or avoid the new iPhones this year. So here we bring the complete iPhone 11 series review.

iPhone 11 meme
iPhone 11 meme

iPhone 11 Review

new iPhone is far cheaper than we expected this year. iPhone 11 steals the show. It has quicker innards, a much better camera, and goes mainstream with iOS 13-and does so at a cost that enables users to get less of a new iPhone than most top-end devices out there. The new iPhone has a lower price than the iPhone XR (the last year’s surprise hit) while improving the spec in some key areas. 

Plus Points

  • Strong and vibrant screen 
  • New colors
  • camera upgraded

Minus Points

  • Similar to last year’s design
  • Not as elegant as the Pro

iPhone 11 Pro Reviews

Triple cameras killer, better performance, and (a lot) longer battery life. Apple hopes to explain the Pro title with a wealth of upgrades, including triple back cameras promising to match the best camera phones, a quicker A13 processor, a better display and a much longer battery life.

Plus Points

  • Triple back cameras with an ultra-wide lens
  • Longer battery life
  • Camera Night mode
  • A13 Faster Processor
  • Brighter screen

Minus Points

  • Skimpy storage 64 GB
  • Still a notch at the front

iPhone 11 Pro Max Reviews

This one is predominantly little bigger than the iPhone11 Pro. Like that smaller device, with an almost identical design and screen shape, the Pro Max looks very similar to the 2018 iPhone.

Plus Points

  • Beautifully textured back
  • The bright and impressive display

Minus Points

  • The most expensive one
  • Similar to XS Max

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