Commonly Used Termux Commands You Need To Know About
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Commonly used termux commands you need to know
Commands that are important to learn before using termux

Termux is the best android application to learn about Linux as it give the Linux environment without root. It can be installed in mostly every android phone. However, it is the best way to practice your hacking skills via an Android phone. Termux made the penetration of web way more easier. As you can use it via Android phone anywhere. Here are some basic commands you need to know about termux.

Termux Commands You Need To Know About
Termux Commands You Need To Know About
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Basics Simple Operations:

    • cp Copy File
    • mv Move File
    • ls List Directory
    • rm Delete files
    • ln creates a symbolic link
    • wget Fetch files over the internet via HTTP or FTP

The are the basic operations you can use them on termux also on Linux machine. However, you can open a website in termux too just by installing a simple tool called w3m.

apt install w3m

Here are some basic commands to install a package.

apt list (Used to check which package is available.)
apt show {package name} 
for example 
apt show w3m (This is used for more information about 
the package)
apt install {package name}
for example
apt install w3m (This command is used to install the 
available package.)

You can also use pkg instead of apt like

pkg install python

Install basic packages to execute programs like python, perl, ruby etc.

pkg update && pkg upgrade
pkg install python
pkg install curl
pkg install wget
pkg install perl
pkg install ruby
pkg install php

Install ngrok for port forwarding in termux. We already published an article on installing ngrok in termux.

Install ngrok in termux

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