Chromecast with Google TV launched

Chromecast with Google TV launched With Remote Control
Google TV is here to capture your imaginations with its remote control system

Google has launched its updated Chromecast with Google TV, supporting 4K HDR.
Chromecast with Google TV has been launched at the Google Pixel 5G and Pixel 4a 5G event.

This launch was nothing but another way to capture the imaginations of people by providing the different streaming services within
a single interface.

The most interesting thing about  Chromecast with Google TV which stirred the users of streaming device users is its physical remote.
It is for the first time that any Chromecast is provided with the remote control system. That’s why it’s winning more attention.

Here’s the company discussing the new feature in a blog post:

“To build this, we studied the different ways people discover media—from searching for a specific title to browsing by genre—and created an experience that helps you and what to watch. We also made improvements to Google’s Knowledge Graph, which is pa of how we beer understand and organize your media into topics and genres, from movies about space travel to reality shows about cooking. You’ll also see titles that are trending on Google Search, so you can always and something timely and relevant.”

Remote Features of  Chromecast  with Google TV

The remote of the Chromecast with Google TV is not only unique in its portability and design but also in its colors and button features.

Colors of  remote of the Chromecast with Google TV

Remote is available in three different colors.
These colors include Sky, Snow, and sunrise.
Besides these stimulating colors, it is lighter in weight that is it weighs only 63 grams.


Buttons are fewer but far more engaging. The Google Assistant button allows talking to google assistant. Just ask him to play your favorite drama, movies, and forecast weather, the latest updates of supports, and get much more within moments.

There are two shortcut keys available on the remote for Netflix and Youtube. This is to add more fun to your streaming activities in a quicker way.

Other buttons include the home button, back button, and 4-way D-pad for navigation.

Besides the impressive button feature, you can control the volume of your Google with its physical remote

Other features of Chromecast with Google TV

Digital frame feature

With the ambient mode, Google TV will display your photos and will act as a digital photo frame.
Showcase your photos on Google TV and act a little more elegant.

Watch list

Just like youtube and other streaming apps, there is a watchlist feature accessible. You can bookmark your favorite shows and movies and can watch them later.
You can record live video on Google TV as well and can save them to watch later.

Price and availability

Chromecast with Google TV and a physical remote is available only at $49 dollars in the US.
It is not yet available in other countries in the world. Soon it will be available in other regions including Pakistan as well.

So make your streaming more delightful by casting various streaming services on your phones such as Youtube,  Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, Disney Plus, HBO, Spotify, and others except for Apple TV plus on a single interface of your LED TV. Rejoice this new update with its other live streaming features with friends and family and have fun.

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