85-inch Surface Hub 2S Microsoft’s Giant screen To Make Teamwork Easier
The latest entry to Surface Hub 2S series in the digital world is one way...

Microsoft has commenced the presale of 85-inch Surface Hub 2S on the 22nd of September 2020 in the US.

Shipments of 85-inch Surface Hub 2S will be made available to commercial customers in January 2021.
This giant 85inch Surface Hub will cost only $21999.

This innovative digital Whiteboard will enhance the massive business feature collaboration.

“With the changes in our work landscape and more people working remotely, now more than ever, businesses are looking for technology that helps recreate the energy and connection we feel when we’re in a room together,” Microsoft says in a blog post.

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85-inch Surface Hub 2S’s Aspect Ratio

The standard Surface Hub has an aspect ratio of 2:3 while that of 85 inches Surface Hub  2S features a 16: 9 aspect ratio, which is remarkably incredible.

Microsoft is working to add customer-requested features and improve device management and efficiency.

Practice social distancing with 85-inch Surface Hub 2S

Due to this pandemic, many of the institutions and organizations including health, education, and businesses have transformed their methodologies by turning into digitalization to collaborate.

Keeping this in view Microsoft has designed
giant 85-inch Surface Hub 2S to provide a better user experience with a larger screen and expand the circle of working across the globe.

You can work easily in person or from anywhere through any of the devices; tablets, laptops, cell phones, and many more.

With 85 inches Surface Hub, you can practice social distancing far more easily because of its bigger screen size and high resolution.
So we can consider this Surface Hub a blessing for the massive collaborations during this pandemic.

Easy to carry

This Surface Hub is easy to carry, one can easily shift if from place to place such as from a conference room to an open space or somewhere else.
This device can fit easily to any workplace, within your own comfort zone.

85-inch Surface Hub 2S, A Gateway to hybrid learning

Surface hubs are gaining more popularity due to its collaboration across the devices and hybrid learning.
Hybrid learning, in this era of technology, is a way of promoting teamwork and allowing the world to revolutionize.
That’s why many more institutions including businesses and especially educational institutions are replacing their obsolete projectors and whiteboards with Super hubs to step into the digital world, full of possibilities and success.

Easy to use

Besides, its collaboration features, its easy to use. You don’t need to sign in to your account, all that you would need to do is that touch the Welcome screen and get started.

It’s thin and glossy design makes it more attractive and lesser in weight.

Latest upcoming update of Microsoft

Microsoft has also recently announced the release of the latest Surface Hub Operating system update, the Windows 10 Team 2020 u
This new update will be available in October for the Surface Hub 50 inches and Surface 2S Hub 55 inches devices.

Features of this new update include:
Chromium-based Edge Browser, deployment, managing capability, improved IT integration, and better meeting and affiliation experience.

By providing additional features and extra flexibility Microsoft’s 85 inches Surface Hub 2S is trying to produce more effective teamwork and maintain its credibility to a higher level performance

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