Google Nest Audio Introduced For Music Lovers
Here is a brief review of Good Nest Audio

Google Nest Audio Image
Image Source - Google -Businessinsider

Are you a music lover? If yes, then this news is exactly what you may want to hear. To add more value to your taste and fondness for music, Google has recently introduced its Google Nest Audio. It’s a successor of Google Home launched in 2016. Since the launch of Google Home, Google has introduced a lot more Google audio devices. Now, this Latest Google Audio Nest is somehow more appealing with its better quality audible feature and high performance.

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What made Google introduce Google Audio Nest?

“We worked with Kelton Research and found that over the past five months, Americans increased the amount of time they spend listening to music at home by 61 percent, and many people nearly doubled the amount of time they spend jamming out at home. So, given we’re all listening to more music than ever, we’re especially excited to introduce Nest Audio, our latest smart speaker made for music lovers” says a google blog post.

Features of  Google Nest Audio


This smart smart audio device is simple and elegant in design. It’s less than seven inches long and has a rectangle shape with corners somehow rounded, giving it a sophisticated classy look. The fabric with which the covering of Google Nest Audio is made is almost the same as that of Nest Mini introduced last year. Besides this, the enclosure is made up of the same 70 percent recycled material, Says Google.

Connectivity features

What’s more triggering about this latest smart audio device is its connectivity with the google audio devices. Connect your previous smart audio devices like Good Home, Nest Hub, or Nest mini with Smart Nest Audio. Listen to the same music on all the Google audio devices at the same time everywhere at your home whether you are in the room, washroom, kitchen, or anywhere else. Besides this, you can connect your mobile phone with your Google Nest Audio via Bluetooth. By doing this so run audio from mobile phone apps such as YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, and other apps as well with the Nest Audio. You can enjoy all this with your single voice command!

Faster Google Assistant

It’s easy to play music when Google’s assistant is here. Get the suggestions and  recommendations to add variation to your playlist with a single voice command from your google assistant.
With its new Ambient EQ feature, Google assistant response can be changed according to the background noise. To prevent your voice from being picked up by the google assistant, there is a physical switch, at the back of Nest Audi, to mute microphones. Google’s assistant of Smart Nest Audio is much faster and quicker as much as twice in comparison to its predecessors.

Classy Blend of Colors

When it comes to color, Google maintains its classy blend of colors with remarkable and innovative design. To grab more attention Google is making available Nest Audio in five different colors.
These colors include Chalk, Charcoal, Sand, and all-new Sage. So there is a variety of colors, go and get your favorite one.

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Price and availability

Buy  Nest Audio for only 99.99 bugs. This lies somewhere between the previously launched Google Home and Nest Mini. Nest audio is of course the better choice because of its high-quality audible features and simple portable decorative design. You can buy it online Google Store and other retailers in Canada, the US, and India.