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Top 5 Laptops for Hacking,Programming, Gaming
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Top 5 Best Laptops for Hacking, Programming and Gaming

You must have seen many experienced programmers, gamers also a cybersecurity researcher has a good computer/laptop. Many beginners searching about which laptop is better for hacking, programming and for gaming as well as cheap. Programmers need a fast computer to debug their code as fast as possible, Cyber Security Researchers/Hackers need fast computers to perform […]

battlefield 5 PC Requirements
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Battlefield 5 – Pc Requirements

Battlefield V is developed by EA DICE. It is releasing on 20 November 2018. Electronic Arts published the game.¬†Battlefield is the best game for first-person shooter gamers. It will be released in worldwide for PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Xbox.¬†Battlefield 5 is directed by Armando Troisi and Oskar Gabrielson. Current producers of the game are […]