Russian preparing cyber attack
Hacking and Infosec Technology

Russian Hackers targeting Ukraine – Cyber attacks alert

Russian hackers are continuously attacking Ukrainian Companies with different malicious software including backdoors. The hackers are mostly targeting energy infrastructures like energy grids, also they are targeting banks. After such attacks, Ukrainian cyber police Serhiy Demedyuk said, that Ukrainian cybersecurity researchers are working with foreign authorities to identify hackers. A virus hit Ukraine in June 2017, which […]

extensions for YouTube Content creators
YouTube Guide

YouTube content creators Guide – Best Chrome extensions for Youtubers

YouTube is now one of the important platforms for earning online. Same as blogging, and running websites. YouTube content creators’ earning also depends on views. In the first part of this write-up, there were extensions for common YouTube users. But in the second part, I’ll be specifically sharing Google extensions for YouTube content creators. My […]