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iPad Rumors 2019 - 2020
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Apple iPad 2019 Rumors – All we know so far
Apple released the new iPad Air 3 and iPad Mini 5 silently in March 2019 Rumor has it that the upgrades are not going to be available in time for the announcement of September 2019.

These new iPads will be later this year in production or early 2020 at some point. Reportedly, the new models have the same screen sizes as the existing models. Japanese blog Mac-Otakara mentions that Apple is planning to release iPad Pros and 10.2-inch iPad rumored in October 2019. Apple released the new iPad Air 3 […]

iPhone 11 specifications

Apple iPhone 11 leaks and specifications

Apple iPhone 11 is an upcoming smartphone in Pakistan with an anticipated cost of Rs. 169,999. It has 64 GB of internal storage along with 3 GB of RAM, according to leaks. The device was anticipated to show a screen of 5.8-inches. On the iOS v13.0 operating system, Apple iPhone 11 smartphone operates. The device […]

Apple iPhone Leaked - Do we know everything about it?

Apple iPhone 11 Leaks – Everything we already know
Apple iPhone 11 Leaks - Do we know everything about it?

We’re just two and a quarter weeks back from seeing Apple’s next-generation iPhone 11 collection officially unveiled. Moreover, only three weeks away from being ready to pre-order it online. A bug in Apple’s iOS 13 beta software lately verified the release deadline that BGR had suggested decades previously. Now we understand conclusively that the company’s […]

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Google, Apple protecting Kazakhs from government
Apple and Google have adopted measures to avoid spying on their citizen by the Kazakh government.

Apple and Google have adopted measures to avoid spying on their citizen by the Kazakh government. These companies condemned the government’s steps. However, they made changes to ensure the protection of their users. If you didn’t realize, the Kazakh government has lately been praised for implementing a security certificate. Which allows representatives to view in […]

Huawei Map Kit
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Huawei Map Kit – Huawei’s alternative to Google Maps
Huawei is making its own Google map’s alternative named “Huawei Map Kit” in collaboration with Yandex and

Right after announcing Harmony OS, here comes Huawei with another blast. Huawei is now becoming an active competitor of Google. After introducing Harmony OS, which is said to be an alternative to Android. Here comes another blow by the Chinese tech giant. Huawei is building its own mapping service called the Huawei Map Kit. We all know Google […]

Fingerprint Authentication in Google

Fingerprint authentication in Google products – Goodbye Passwords
Google is about to get rid of passwords, confirmed password replacements 1.7 billion Android users

Passwords are now getting difficult to remember. Not only difficult but also they’re no longer secure. You’ll be shocked that even now the most used password is 123456. People still use such passwords until now. The only reason is that we can not remember complicated passwords. We’ve already discussed everything about passwords. In that article, […]

Crazy Flat Earther launching himself 5000ft up - Photo_Courtesy_

Crazy Flat Earther launching himself 5000ft up on homemade rocket
Mike Hughes, a Flat Eather, and rocketeer will launch himself 5000 feet up in his homemade steam-powered rocked tomorrow

What else can you expect someone who believes that earth is flat? Pardon me if you’re one of them who believe the earth is flat. Actually, we’ve spent years studying earth is round/oval at school. Trust me, I don’t want to undo all that I’ve studied so far. So please don’t confuse us again. Well […]