Everything about PUBG Lite – Free to Play, Low specs game
Explore the lite version of PUBG mobile for low specification devices. Here’s what PUBG Lite has to offer.

Player Unkown’s battleground aka PUBG is a sensational game. It’s been a trend since the day of its launch. But the ultimate popularity to the game was brought by mobile version. PUBG Mobile is right now the top-grossing and most played mobile game. Man, it’s simply an addiction. But users who have low specs computers, couldn’t play PUBG. Most of them used to play alternatives. We’ve covered the alternatives in one of our articles. But finally, we’ve PUBG lite. A lower-spec version of PUBG.

What is PUBG Lite?

PUBG Lite is specially developed for low spec computers. It’s a free game which can be played on laptops and PC. The concept and gameplay are the same as the PUBG PC version. But here raises a question.

Why PUBG Lite?

The PUBG PC is a heavy game. You can’t play it on low-end PCs. Whereas PUBG Lite is a much lighter version of the game. It can be played smoothly on laptops and low-end PCs. That’s not the only reason. Because PUBG PC is a high-end game. It’s also not a free a game. You’ve to buy the game and play it. So many people used to play PUBG mobile on emulator. But PUBG Lite is a free game. You can play it without buying.

What do we get in PUBG Lite?

There is no compromise in gameplay. The concept and gameplay of the game are the same. If we talk about specs and features here are some key features.


  1. Erangal
  2. Miramar
  3. Sanhok
  4. Training Mode


So finally get rid of PUBG mobile emulator. You must be bored with playing a mobile game on the PC. Controls are the same as any other shooting based game. I found it similar to IGI and other action games.

Get PUBG Lite

You can download the game from the link below. But before installing make sure your system fulfills the requirements. Here are Minimum and recommended requirements for the game. Also, the troubleshoots to avoid any issues while installation and playing the game.

Download PUBG Lite here.

Minimum System Requirements


Operating System Windows 7,8,10 (64bit)
CPU Core i3 2.4GHz
GPU DirectX11 Intel HD Graphics 4000
Memory 4GB

Recommended System Requirements


Operating System Windows 7,8,10, 64bit
CPU Core i5 2.8GHz
GPU DirectX11 NVIDIA Geforce GTX 660 or AMD Radeon HD 7870
Memory 4GB


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Trouble in playing?

If you’re having trouble playing or installing the game. Download and re-install these programs again.

The lite version is still in a beta testing phase. It’s not been released fully functional. The beta version is available in some countries. You can find more details about its release here.