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Facebook Hacker Cup & Google Code Jam 2018 – An opportunity for Programmers and Hackers

Competition gives you the chance to prove that you are the best. And I guess every internet user knows about the two tech giants. I mean Google and Facebook. If you are related to tech field and keep yourself updated. Then you must know about contests sponsored by these tech giants. I am talking about the Facebook Hacker Cup, which is sponsored and organized by Facebook. And the Code Jam that is sponsored and organized by Google.

Facebook Hacker Cup:

Facebook Hacker Cup is an international competition for Hackers and Programmers. Here participants from all around the world take part in different challenges. It consists of 5 rounds starting from online Qualifier Round. Then participants start reducing from round 1 to round 3. After this, there is a Final round which leads to the winner of the Facebook Hacker cup of the year.

Facebook Hacker Cup 2015
Facebook Hacker Cup 2015

This competition started in 2011. And now it’s happening for the 8th time. Russian participants won this cup more than any other country. They won the cup in 2011,12,13 and then 2017. Competitors from Belarus won this cup 2 times in the year 2014 & 2015.

The Facebook Hacker Cup 2018 has started. Starting round i.e the online qualification round took place on July 6, 2018. Round 1 also ends on July 21, 2018. And right now when I am writing this article, August 4, 2018. Round 2 has just started at 10 am PDT. 8216 participants qualified in the Online Qualification round. Out of these 3741 participants passed round 1. Round 2 is currently in progress, top 200 contestants from round 2 will advance to round 3. Which is on August 18, 2018. The finals of Facebook Hacker Cup 2018 will be on October 25 – 27, 2018.

Google Code Jam 2018:

code jam 2018
code jam 2018

Google Code Jam is no doubt a big platform for programmers to prove their skills. This competition was started in 2003. It is hosted and administrated by the tech giant Google. It is an international programming contest by Google. The contestants are given some problems to solve, and they are allowed to use any programming language to get their solution. Google also started Distributed Code Jam contest which is based on Distributed Algorithms. This contest goes along with general Code Jam but has its own finals and Winner. But to qualify for Distributed Code Jam, the contestant must pass round 2 of Code Jam.

Belarus team is winning the competition for last 5 years. They have won this competition 5 times consecutively. China, Russia, and Poland have won the competition 2 times each. China in 2008-09, Russia in 2006 and 2010, and Poland in 2005 and 2012.


Code Jam 2018 registrations were started in March. Right now the competition is going towards its final round. The Onsite Finals of Code Jam 2018 will take place on August 10, 2018. And we will find out the winner of Code Jam 2018. The winner of Code Jam gets the title of Code Jam World Champion and a prize money of $15,000. And the winner of Distributed Code Jam is crowned as Distributed Code Jam World Champion. He gets a prize money of $10,00.

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